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Service; Service; Payment; Payment; Booked; Booked; Booked. You can check the status of your flight anywhere, anytime to see the latest flight information. Name of airline, city, flight, time, gate, luggage, status. Receive live flight information for all our flights. They can also subscribe to free SMS updates for a specific flight.

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Well, why don't we try another one? Discount up to 30%* on your room if you make your reservation now! Are you looking for different appointments or travel locations? If you wish to stay in a different room or in a different room, please choose a different room or a different type of accommodation together with your flights. Do you know that you can cut costs by up to 30%* if you stay in your own room with your flights?

Book your trip.......this way you get the best offer! Verify your reservation data at any time and anywhere in the "My Travel" section of your bankroll.

Date/Flights changes

Please note that all changes will be reversed and you must make a new enquiry either on-line or by reservation. Please note that all custom wishes will be reversed in the initial reservation. As I know, if changes are made within 24 hrs of take-off, certain specific wishes cannot be made.

" May I apply for a place? Reservations: How can I make a booking? Is it possible to order a specific food? Subscriptions can be made up to seven calendar days ahead and you will be immediately informed if a delayed or cancelled timetable affects your itinerary. May I apply for a place?

Some of the seating facilities are not open for security and operational use. Reservers who have used our pre-selection services are requested to finalise the check-in process at least one hours before departure. Reservations: How can I make a booking? Before making a booking, prepare the following information: a telephone/mobile number or the name of the hotels in each town where you are planning a stop-over, which we can call you at any time.

Is it possible to order a particular food? Reservations for food are available to travelers for ages, health, dietary and religion requirements, please inform EVA of your reservation at least 24hrs in advance. Requests for some particular mealtimes must be made at least 72 hrs in advance of take-off or may not be available from some wards.

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