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What airlines fly to Paris? Generally, Delta, Air France and Jet Airways fly most to Paris. Flights to Paris can also land at Orly Airport (ORY), located south of Paris in the municipalities of Orly and Villeneuve-le-Roi. Find hundreds of airlines for the cheapest tickets to Paris, France!

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We had a 21-hour stay in Iceland, so we had to leave the airfield for the time being. Next day, on the way to the airfield, we tried to register on-line, but the on-line check-in did not work. After checking in our luggage, we came across our first unhappy meeting with the air traffic team.

He' sent my friend' s pockets through without weighing it. Deciding to balance our two pockets as one unit (equivalent to 88 lbs.), he let me empty my case of the additional load not only of my individual pocket but also of the additional first one.

Said it was too slow to get the first one, so my boyfriend and I had to split my things between our carrier packs. Then we went through the food court to buy some expensive airplane fare. After deciding it was the right moment to go to our gates, we were passing an appallingly long line of men who we didn't think could be the line to get through custom, because the last few visits we made to this airfield were always a few or so in line.

When we realised that this line was intended for custom, we asked an agent if we could make our plane on schedule if we had to maintain this line. Said not to be worried that we would be fine, as all carriers were informed of the unforeseen delays at CCTV.

We knew at that point that we would miss the closing moment of the gates, but we were comforted by the fact that the custom officer had informed us that some of us would be too long because of the unforeseen delays and lines.

Arriving at the departure gates, the employees of the airfield were laughing in our faces and saying it was too lat. You said that you had not received word from anyone about any delay at the border and that the transport coach to the plane departed ten of them. If the door had shut just a few mikes before we got there, how could he have walked ten mikes before?

They said they would inform the aircraft and the pockets would be taken off and we could find them at the luggage area. So, let me be clear - the aircraft can sit and let someone search all the luggage, find our pockets and take them off the aircraft, but it wouldn't allow us to take the probably less of our own onboard?

So we asked if there was someone from WOW we could talk to and they pointed us towards another one. When we got there, there was another group of folks who were missing their plane because of the sudden queue at CX. You spoke to a woman who told them that none of WOW was at the airfield, they all went home for the time.

While we were on our way to the luggage reclaim area, we crossed the border crossing point that didn't have a queue at that point. So we talked to three guys in the area and looked for the man who said our aircraft was informed of the stow. It was no longer there, but the personnel there had said that they were uncertain as to why we were informed that any aircraft were being delayed, because that was not the case, and that they were not allowed to provide the travellers with this information either.

So...... the dude we talked to on the tariff line was lying to my face and couldn't even tell us what he was doing. Had I known that we would not make it through the border in good times, I would have kindly asked other travellers to come forward if we could through.

Instead, as a KEF airport employee said to me that MY aircraft was notified of the delay, I was waiting in line with patience. Eventually we came to the luggage reclaim area and talked to one of the staff there. but it usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I went back to the check-in area to see if there was someone I could speak to about the situation or if there was another plane we could take because my boyfriend and I had to work the next to work. She was very kind (shocker), but there was nothing she could do that all flights that left the airfield for the remainder of the night to the USA had just bought their ticket.

Had we not been deceived and the personnel had not been impolite and pointed us in all possible ways, I would probably have been able to take us on a plane that evening. Once again, however, we failed because we were wrongly informed and abused by airline personnel.

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