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Some city breaks this weekend. At Expedia you're sure to find great deals for your last-minute holiday. New Orleans Garden Hotel Indigo GARDEN DISTRICT. In addition, our all-inclusive offers and Hawaii flights are equipped with inexpensive hotel and rental car components. Take a look at our best offers!

Inexpensive hotel offers & late room bookings

Sleep at the 4* Fashion Hotel Legian in Bali, Indonesia for only $20 US$ per overnight stop. Sleep in the 4* Hyatt Regency New Orleans in New Orleans, USA for only $87 US$ per overnight stop. Sleep at the 4* Panwa Boutique Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand for only $16 US$ per overnight stop.

Accommodation in the 4* Elegance Dania Park on Tenerife, Spain for only 26 per day. Sleep at the 4* Hotel Turner in Rome, Italy for only 23 Euro per overnight accommodation during the year. Accommodation in the 4* Park Villa Grazioli in Grottaferrata, Italy for only 25 per day in school.

Accommodation at the 4* Hotel Lasa Sport in Valladolid, Spain for only 27 per person per year. Sleep in 4* Jambuluwuk Malioboro in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for only $28 US$ per overnight stop.

Travelling by plane - flights + hotels on expandedia, can I use other airline passes without any restrictions?

First, Expedia doesn't matter whether you are booking or not. They' re selling the tickets and that's the end of their line of work. Well, if you wanted to try to get your tickets back before the journey or tell them that the tickets were never used and you want a reimbursement or something else, it gets harder.

If you give them a warning and you are not reserved for long, some carriers can give you a full (or partial) reimbursement. It was for me within a single working days that I had to make changes and they - not only - adjusted the date, they were processing a reimbursement.

I' d say get in contact with Expedia and see what your choices are. Chances are you'll get a reimbursement or a coupon from the same airline in the best case. Can' t find the precise terms of sale for Expedia, but they have an answer to a similar problem. Cancellation of part of a holiday packet (i.e. a reservation with several parts, such as airfares, hotel, cars) is possible for a surcharge.

Obviously Expedia does not calculate anything for such a cancelation, but the airline/hotel/car hire company may do so. When it is non-refundable, you must purchase a new tickets without receiving a reimbursement on the original one. There' s no specific reference in your Frequently Asked Questions, but it seems that the reservations for the air fares, hotel and automobiles are unrelated and therefore you can probably fly another carrier and still book into the original hotel.

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