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See the best prices on Firefly car hire in the UK and read customer reviews. Find, book & pay online for all your flights, hotels, car rental & holiday packages. One-way Fly British Airways (operated by Comair) including taxes.

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The Hertz employees were the ones who received the award. And it was a Hertz car and papers.... not Firefly. We had a friendly and effective team. Delayed opening of the desktop means that the delayed flights were no longer a concern. The employees at the desktop were outstanding and very instructive. There was a very friendly and supportive salesman.

Help-orientated, kind personnel. Our personnel, the fast services. Fantastic car great sized well on fuel.x big line to gather car just one guy on the desktop it looks longer to gather the car than my plane was! Hertz personnel and vehicle status effectiveness. This is not a Hertz issue, it is valid for all rental vehicles on this page.

The car was neat and tidy. A good car and highly motivated people. Beautifully friendly helping personel and tidy car car, which is needed in some parts of Scotland, wants to be able to specify motor sizes and specification of the car. Extremely supportive service desk attendants. Everything was great, all the employees concerned were very supportive and well-informed.

Bergersac car rental

Aquitaine International is located in the south-west of France and is a favourite destination for those who want to taste the Dordogne and other historic sites of the area. From Bergerac you can take the chance to explore the remainder of the Dordogne, an area known as the wine-growing area of southwest France.

Although perhaps not as famous as some others in France, there are a number of appeals that you may know that have their origins in the Dordogne. In the Bergerac area, where most of the winemaking takes place, you can visit the Chateau d'Elle, Chateuau de Renaudie and Chateau de Tiregand sites and take a guide through the wineries, vines and the main wine-growing areas.

You' ll taste the vines of course, but if you are, make sure you don't drive afterwards or just slurp and spew as the testers do; however hard that may be. They can buy all our products in any of the castles and drink them later to their heart's desire. When you go to the Château De Monbazillac, you can take a stroll through the vineyards and the Château de Renaissantes.

It is an amazing view when you go up. In the Dordogne you have a few hour to go to Perigueux. It' a 45 minute ride just south of Bergerac.

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