Flying car Price

Sailing car price

Price is in line with high-end luxury cars. Once a flying car was only possible in the movies, but the world is closer than ever to this phenomenon. timeline of development Combining the pace of air travel with the comfort of motoring, the TF-X will revolutionise passenger transport for all of us. There is no need for an airfield for take-off and landings, and the TF-X operates on all streets and motorways - with the comfort of real door-to-door traffic. Timeline TF-X: It is still at an early stage of design.

can be parked in a detached car park or in a regular car park. Launch and landing: It will be able to take off and landing from a plane with a minimum vertical take-off and landing distance of 30m. The flying with the TF-X requires considerably less practice duration than a conventional licence or a sports piloting certification.

A US driver's licence is required to drive the TF-X. Price is in line with high-end deluxe automobiles. Detailed price information will be available during the course of the evolution of the TF-X-programme. There will be several unparalleled technological features in the TF-X. Convert between flight mode and ride mode:

When configured to work in a conventional car park or car park, the TF-X can only be converted between different car parks if the car is stored and used by a skilled operator. Computer-controlled flight: It will use simpler air traffic control and requires significantly less flying instruction than a conventional airplane.

The entire timetable is finished before take-off and the car starts up, flies to its destinations and lands at the touch of a switch. It is the operator's last word whether it is secure to take off or make a landings and has the possibility to activate a semi-manual flying modus if he or she wishes to depart from the intended route within the current security and official constraints.

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL): Since the pod is fully electrical, the sound level is low and the natural gaz motor used for the trip recharges the battery during the trip. There will be the best of automobiles and aircraft in the TF-X, and security is no anomaly. Besides a complete range of seat functions, such as crush zones, seat cages, air bags and seat belts with pretension, the TF-X will also be fitted with a complete skydiving system and the latest technology for avoiding collisions.

It will probably take many years to develop the TF-X. We will deliver our first car, the Transition, long before the completion of the TF-X, and Transition owners will have the opportunity to purchase the TF-X before the public. So if you are interested in having one of the first handy flying vehicles in the world, you should reserve your transfer today.

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