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I' m going to California in a few months and I need a car. Newest tweets from Fox Rent A Car (@foxrentcar). Join @FoxRentCar, America's most popular car rental company for travel tips, offers and rewards. Los Angeles, California.

Rent A Fox Car Reviews: Things you should know

Had to go to another firm and rent two of them. and they were charging me an additional $159.00. My rent would go from $409. 00 too close to $1000. Well, I wouldn't be recommending this firm. Car hire from Fox Rent A Car at Ft. Lauderdale Airport.

You use deceitful practice to get you on a deal, selling you upgrades as if they were through the state you are hiring, and once they forgot your crecard. It was said that due to domestic and state laws that my personal insurer still charge my personal debit cards would be liable on the cardhold.

I' m being asked to buy the PlatePass to prevent an extra $15 for each tolling. They said that there were several road-charges. Such a horrible firm. They' re a so-called budgeted car hire, but they are very pricey with sub para cars and their after sales services is an absolute laugh.

We had Fox (car hire San Jose, CA) who was not very useful in picking us up and kept us waiting for 2 hrs although they had delivery trucks available. For gasoline on the cardholder separate. Overall rent was higher than the amount of the lease ($61.39 more).

That $150 on the two-fueler. If we talked to the client, they wouldn't realize the overcharge and said we could submit a fight with American Express to get an answer. No. We didn't. We' re not going to rent from Fox again, I don't suggest hiring from this firm.

Where can I find out that I can rely on these ratings about Fox Rent A Car? You were going to ask $750.00. And then we ended up with another major payment system because they would only use my banking account. So when we walked out, they asked for $200. The following months, when we got our settlement, we were debited $400.

When the car was given back in 00, we phoned Expedia and Fox, who said it was because we had used a different ticket than the real one and they had to put that individual on the insurance (although she doesn't drive), so I bought an extra chauffeur who didn't have a driver's license, but she had to be there because we used her plastic as well.

So the salesman (who has been feeding all this food about something he talked to me and got, whatever was crusted on my plastic cards.... so coarse) went to dollars to see if they had a car and would honour my prize. And they did; however, Fox wouldn't be paying dollars for it and dollars said they had to load me for the rent and I would have to get the cash back from Fox.

I would either have to sit and waiting for a car in the car back in the car category I was paying for, or I would have to buy dollars and get my cash back from Fox. So I decided to give dollars for my car hire, then after my journey I tried to get Fox to get my remuneraI.

It was such a horrible as this. Never rent it out again. I' d never have consented to rent a car for $100 a car a days. It' the poorest car hire I ever had. I' ll never use Priceline or Fox Rent A Car again. Upon departing, overpriced for renting (vs. what Traveocity said they would charge.).

Terrible bar experiences. I have had very poor experiences with Fox Rent a Car in Los Angeles. If I have the amount of tax and other charges are missing detail, they have never said to me that this charges will increase if I add extra charges, especially I realize the charges from them for refilling fuels is prohibitively high.

I' m not going to rent a car from them anymore, and I strongly suggest that you find another car hire because Fox Rent a Car does a little ploy with you. HORRIBLE absolute experiance with Fox Rent A Car in Guatemala City! Posted on Expedia said my booking would be $308. In the end costs me $761 just for the rent and in addition a down payment of $700 as the real down payment for the car insurances!

Did have to discuss many boots on my Credit Cards because when they said she didn't actually go through it! The cost on my ticket was $2000+! I will NEVER use this firm! I' ve rented a car from for 11 nights at San Francisco airport. It' s been over 2 week now and despite several e-mails and news I haven't received anything from anyone about the rucksack, except a note from "Customer Care" that someone would come back to me.

I recognise that the value and choice of car was not poor, but it seems that very little "care" is given to the client after the charge on the cardholder. I' ve reserved this renting through Expedia (highly recommended). The landlord was Shawn. It is quite simple, although the site renting at $24 bucks a minute and after tax, charges and supplements it was more like $38-$40.

I only had a problem with the renting procedure because my banking cards can be used as my payment or banking cards. Shawn said his engine wouldn't take it as a Credit Cards, so he would have to charge me a $400 deposit for using a debt ticket. All in all I had a great Fox Rent A Car and I would highly recommended it.

$00 on my map. At the end, the rent was 375. There is no customer service, there is no serial number for the SeaTac site and the waiting for the 1-800 number is 40 min or longer and then you will be asked to use your site. Don't spend your ammunition or your energy on these dubious beings.

As we arrived at the desk, we informed the agents that we wanted to do without the charge for insurances and mishap. All in all, it was a very satisfactory overall Fox Rent a Car rental agreement. When I got there, I was informed that they didn't have my car in the parking space, but he was able to get me a Nissan Altima.

Well, I said I didn't want to. When I came back, they said that the new booking was also in the computer, but no car. I was also said that there was no such thing as a boss or boss and another agent, because he knew some of the girls there and would see if she would give me the same as well.

You' re a really poor firm. Who is this guy? I loathe this firm. So we got a rented car from FOX at the SF airfield and were waiting almost two hour for the keys to be handed over. I' m very disillusioned - the Fox headquarters embassy says: "We are dedicated to good quality services and outstanding client service" - all this is a big bull.

I' m NOT going to be paying the rent because I don't earn the pains and problems I've been through. That was by far the poorest business I've ever had anything to do with. I was never notified of a drop-off charge of $228 at the moment of rent. I wouldn't have needed a rent-a-car if I'd stayed in Austin.

I was on a queue for almost 30 mins when I phoned support before I spoke to a lady by the name of Ashley who said I had to pick up the tab. for what they charged me for.

That firm pays folks to their deaths. On Monday, when I saw the bail wasn't refunded and settled on my ticket. Retrieved a two-week rent in San Francisco CA for a two-week rent. At the end, the staff member we had said that our booking was too complex and made us waiting a little longer for the "manager", although the managers had NO PROBLEM to find our booking.

The" manager" then said that he would give us back the throttle for free, and when we gave back the van, they tried to compute it! Twice a year we rent and have never checked a firm in the last 10 years, but had to make it visible to ALL.

Extremely disappointed about our car hire today! Charges not notified to us, inclusive of insurances, road tax and caution. It was a great shock to me how much we were billed for it after I was informed that it would be half as high. Not with Fox car hire or Priceline because neither one can trust.

By the time we got there at 9:52, the depot was locked at the top and sent everyone to another Fox depot with an extreme long line. So the employee e-mailed me and sent me to Hertz Car Hire. We' ve got a car for rent from Hertz at 12:04.

We' re giving ourselves four and a half hour to get there! His Hertz rent was a 2-day rent and mine with Fox was a 3-day rent, so I had to finish third because of our schedule. Our Hertz value now totalled 808.71 dollars. So I had to waste more of my hard-earned minutes and go back to the Fox rent agents (Rocky) so he could make a copy of my Hertz bill.

Whenever I asked about the 2 against 3 daily rent, he would insist that he take the car. Would- I got out there with a copy of a document indicating 2 overnight rent and a very different amount I should be reimbursed $131 per diurnal installment difference. 88 for 2 d?

So what happens to my third and last days? But even that was for a 2-day-rent. I' ve made a three-day rent. A $336 car hire against my Fox car hire. 77 is a $471 differential. 94 also I had to paid $100. FOX's 00 fee would be a $471.94 and $50 differential.

Not a Fox Rent A Car for me anymore. I' ve only used them once before they got great prizes at Fort Myers Strand, but everything else is not. It' terrible this mornin', very terrible. Don't rent it again. I couldn't do it on-line.

Calling support made it IMMOSSIBLE to contact her. In the end, he paid the fine for the rent that had been arrearsed. A Fox Rent A Car is in a difficult position to rent a car. Low-income accountants who insist I can't rent a car without purchasing health care from them. As I renewed my lease for 6 additional nights, I received a $20 renewal verification e-mail.

I went to bring the car back, they said it wasn't $20. It' $20 a days. Rent A Fox Car is a rip off business. None of the customers who waited in line for more than 1.5 hours was happy. Each and every one of the people on the shuttles back to the airfield after they had returned their car had a similar history and said they would NEVER use that firm again.

Please exit the Fox Rent A Car screen in your web navigator and DO NOT come back. And I thought, "No sweat, we'll just put an added tag in the rent. "that we were informed because we couldn't consider paid now modification. We were asked if we could simply append an added date at the beginning of the lease, and we were advised that we would have to make a special lease and go back to the apartment to collect our initial booking.

There are two ways to book my car with FOX "PAY NOW" or "PAY LATER" on line. On the same date I reserved the renting, later in the night I examined my confirmations. During the check, I found that the rent had fallen by almost half. Said I didn't get a refund.

I' d get a refund for prospective rent minus $70.00. Then I immediately phoned my payment processing firm to see if she'd let me quit. I had already received my 00 down payment on my customer account and my journey was more than a weeks away. Cancellation of the debit could only be made by the payment service if I had previously cancelled the car.

Be careful with this firm, as it is not inflexible at all. There are many other companies that have better client services and are willing to lean back to make the client feel good. That firm is a SCAM!!!!!! Brenda at San Francisco Fox Rent A Car was rude, almost violent, instead of responding to our questions, he began to warn us of cancelling our reservations.....

I' ll definitely be avoiding this business in the near term, but I don't think that's your custom.

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