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We are the world's largest online car rental company specializing in finding the cheapest car hire deals from major brands such as Hertz, Avis, Alamo and Budget. Pricing all brands in one search with our Low Price Finder. Schedule your next trip with cheap car hire and find car hire deals. Register today to receive offers for used cars in your area and car rental discounts. Find, compare and book your rental car today!

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CONSIDERED by last year's increasing air fares and resort fares, car rental fares have actually fallen on December 31 and will stay about the same in 2013. While rents were higher in the last vacation period - about $40 per person per night - this is still 6 per cent less than a year ago.

In spite of further consolidations in the car rental sector - Hertz bought dollars and Thrifty last autumn and the Avis Budget Group buys Zipcar - customers may not be affected by the higher price that often accompanies these businesses. Auto Rental News recently forecast a "Ground War on Rates " in 2013 as large car rental firms are competing with independents such as Sixt and Advantage, mainly for rental of airports.

A number of airfields have made it even simpler to be volatile by having all their car rental agencies in one location connected to the airfield by the same shuttles or trains, a recent Miami-Seattle and Seattle trends. However, there is still some work to be done to find the best value, in part because web-based car rental pricing comparison gadgets are not nearly as demanding as their flight and hotel mates.

On November 9th I reserved a car for an eight-day rental in Detroit around Christmas, and even after I had repeated my quest and tried every voucher that ended up in my inbox in the following few week, I couldn't hit the initial$218. The AutoSlash goal is to automatize this procedure for the consumer and even goes so far as to change a booking after a lower tariff is found.

However, after the car rental company protests, Mr. Weinberg had to rework his company plan; he is promising a new release of the services this year. In the meantime, AutoSlash can still keep a booking you have made elsewhere and will inform you if it finds a better tariff; all you have to do is change the booking yourself.

When I planned my December vacation, I was amazed at how little most car rental websites invest in their car rental compareers. Mr Weinberg said that is because the committees get agents for car rentals are so low: about 2. 5 to 5 per cent of the rates you sign up against 10 to 40 per cent for a motel.

However, there are some new features that are worthwhile, especially if you are looking for an off-airport rental. Recently Kayak added a "map view" to his car rental results, which makes it simple to see the locations of various local merchants and determine whether it is a good idea to drive further away from home or from the hotels to get a less expensive car.

"You can use the chart viewer to search and zoome into certain parts of the city," says Jessica Casano-Antonellis, a kayak speaker, and adds that you can also restrict your results to points of interest, such as car rental sites within half a mile of Faneuil Hall in Boston. This is a useful utility for New Yorkers - or for New Yorkers looking for a rental location - as Manhattan postal codes or addresses can also find places in New Jersey and Staten Island.

For $111, I found a three-day week-end rental at a budget site in Jersey City, as opposed to $471 at the Avis site in Brooklyn or $252 at a company near by. HOTWIREL inclined to have the best deals in the quests I tried, while indicates more of the unrelated firms that do not always embrace others in their results, such as Ace, Odds, Fox, Payless and Sixt.

The majority of tour websites do not work with all these businesses, and some do not even contain all the important brand names. Orbitz, for example, does not show results for Enterpris, National or Alamo, while Expedia does not contain any advice or budget, so do not expect to see all your choices when you browse only one page.

There is a new website,, which will promise to show you vouchers that match your rental details, but will first ask you to type in the cheapest installment you can find from 10 different car rental firms. Alternatively, you may want to review the AutoSlash voucher section, which contains a dozen of car rental offers, such as from $9.99 per days for Weekends from Entrepresent.

Based on the 2012 J.D. Power and Associates Car Hire Happiness Survey, approximately 4 in 10 recreational travellers opt for a car rental firm that is priced, but there are other factors to consider such as after sales services and tolls. In the survey, the highest scores were given to the overall level of client experience with respect to booking, collection and returns and pricing, followed by National and Alamo (both of which are the property of Enterprise), then Hertz, Avis and Budget.

Ace Rent-A-Car, an independant car rental car, had the highest placement in 2011, but dropped to the 8th place on the last year's itinerary. Mr Faza noted that independents such as Ace have fewer sites than their better-known rivals, making it easier for one or two poor owners to draw down the overall reputio.

However, the lower prices that independents usually charge can mean abbreviations in terms of support; test site like Yelp can help you find out if an unknown trademark gets bad grades. There are other considerations to consider if your rental covers unrestricted mileage if there are any limitations on where you can take your car (some company offices restrict the number of riders to near countries) and uptime.

Onshore airports sometimes shut down early in the weekend, so you'll have to buy an additional night if you're overdue.

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