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Hertz Car Hire in the App Store

With Hertz® car rental, it's simpler than ever to be on the go. With the Hertz application, you can hire a car, change your reservation, find a place and use Gold Plus Rewards® points wherever you are. Use the Hertz application to get the most out of these features: Just down-load the Hertz application and start tapping on Travelling.

I went back before I sent the booking to modify the pick up and return time. Took care of that, but I couldn't get past the site display because a note with a rose colored backdrop at the top of the display told me to type in an old time. No place to step into the era.

It also didn't let me type in my telephone number, but it allowed me to keep going until I clicked on SUBMIT. I was told that I had to type in the telephone number, which I could do without serious harm, but I just didn't see why I couldn't type it in the first one.

I' m a mother tongue Englishman and have a booking for a car in Germany. I' ve been meaning to change this booking. I began after I signed in in to the application in German and as soon as I had inserted the booking number, the application was changed to German. So I had to figure my way through the application to change my booking.

Hopefully I won't find myself in the wrong place with the fake car, but that was an accidental one.

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