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Hong will find you the cheapest offers from all these car rental companies and more. The Honk is the easy way to book late model cars at prices that won't blow your silencer away. Hong Car Hire - Bargain Travel Forum I' ve just rented a car from SFO (San Francisco Airport) to LAX (Los Angeles Airport) with Honk. I' m saving about $150 on a 5-day car rental. Once you have booked your car with Honk and paid in advance, you will receive a verification e-mail with whom you rent your car.

They' re using one of the big corporations at the airfield. I' ve got a National Rental Car. They had to present your coupon, your debit and your driver's license. Honk fully recommended. It' a great way to rent a car if you don't care to pay for it in advance.

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They' re claiming they're brokering for big car rental companies. Does anyone have previous experiences with Carhiresydney Airport and/or Honk? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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On the other hand, it was a very old Fiat punchto for which I was paying more than my father-in-law, who rented the same punchto though Honk (instead of the more luxury Golf). There was no access to the Google Map site, and neither the website nor the coupon indicated that this was the case, as the street that led to it was moved to a cycle path..... you had to go to a different location to get to the rental site (including a dirt road).

  • Your car was'cleaned' when we got there after one hours (later than the indicated rental start), lasted 10 min, lasted 50. - It had 106k kilometres per metre, about 25-30 scrapes, unevenness and major damages to the chassis.

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Just to find out that when we got to the Cape Town International Airports, there was no Honk counter or plate and no one at any of Honk's car rental counters. After all, we found out that Honk had given our reservation to Woodford Car Herd!

We' d reserved a car safety chair, but when we got the keys to the car in complete obscurity in the parking lot, the support person told us not to fit the car safety chair for the clients and we had to try to figure out how to do it! The best part of an lesson was to put the infant car seats in the shade, while our kid was almost in hysterics because it took him almost 3 hrs to get the car.

Never use Honk or Woodford again.

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