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Alamo Rent A Car has recently moved to the first floor of Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland Resort. We' ll take the trouble out of finding the best company for you, the best car and the best rental contract. If you rent from the airport, there are many additional charges to your rental price. Reception of the hotel will inform the car rental company where the car is parked. Eliminate long queues and overpriced rental cars.

Vegas Car Hire | Main Street Station Hotel

There is no place like Las Vegas, a place of never-ending excitement and amusement. Accommodation, restaurants and gambling establishments that make up and stretch the Strip are the town' s main characteristics. By saying that there are many rides behind the doors of these huge entertaining facilities, and enjoy doing and seeing things for mileage.

Travellers who are in Vegas will certainly make daily explorations in the city, no matter what their special interests are. Nobody will ever see everything there is to do in this deserted haven, which means that there is always something to call back to another tour. There' always something deliberately going on somewhere in Las Vegas.

From acrobatic display cases to price wars, the hotel and casino facilities make it their mission to provide an all-inclusive destination for all. However, some will be most fascinated by the establishments in other parts of the town, such as the inner cities museos. One of the most interesting places for those with an interest in exploring the area' s past is the Neon Museum and Boneyard, two mornings dug up historic sports and parking area as far back as the Thirties.

Travellers interested in ghoulish themes spend a funny afternoons in the Mafia Museum with an animated story of organised criminality and the powers that stop it. DISCOVERY Children's Museum offers children a fascinating look at the natural, scientific, cultural and arts world on three levels.

Once in the town centre with its museum and hands-on displays, the visitor can visit the Strip to gamble in the casino, watch a show, have supper in a local diner or just watch the unique fluorescent sky line. You will find a number of viewing platforms throughout the town, all specially designed to overlook the many shimmering rides that are all illuminated.

Las Vegas' green landmarks may take a back seat when the strip lighting comes on, but they're stunning. Walking through the gorges around Las Vegas can be a much-needed way to escape the frenetic pace of the town.

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