Hotel Booking App Offers

Booking Hotel App Offers

In contrast to the other apps, Jetsetter only offers offers in seven cities: You first visit Special Offers Details:. Valid for all newly registered clients. Firststream in the promotional text box before booking. Exclusive for first-time users who did not use the same email ID/mobile number on the flight or at the hotel. The service can only be used once per person with the same e-mail ID/mobile number.

Discounts % and max. discounts differ depending on the hotel, and the definitive rebate will be shown when applying the promotional number. Reduction% is the highest possible hotel discounts. Only available for selected domestic properties. Selected properties can be viewed via the listing page filters.

Make sure that your booking meets all the requirements for a rebate. Rebates are granted before definitive payments are made. Not available to tourist agencies. No refunds are possible in the event of non-appearance. You may not combine this promotion with other special offers or exchange it for money.

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