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You can now save even more by booking your flight, hotel and rental car together. Airfare + Hotel + Car Hotel + Car. Act like the phone doesn't exist in your hotel room. Air travel - Hotels - Transport - Packages. Rooms + flight + car, rooms + car.

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Suppose I tell you a little mystery that could halve the price of your next flight itinerary? Maybe you want to convert into a better room or a better car, buy less for your meals in the restaurants or even help you drive through the safety line? Here is a mystery for all those who only fly in one direction.

Do not buy a one-way airfare. Due to the specific nature of the carriers that fix their rates, a single fare will almost always be more expensive than a round-trip one. "In the past, one-way flights were considered by old carriers as one-way flights and have thus acquired the top prize for business," says Rick Seaney, CEO of

"You will seldom see an one-way fare for your trip internationally that is less than three to fourx the round trip fare. "Just think - one for two. Purchase a round-trip and return airfare and use only half of it. Airline companies can't bear it because you deny them the income they would get from a more costly one-way flight.

Do not ask your agency to participate and do not give your number, which makes it simple to do this little ploy.

Or at least the "SSSS" marked on your tickets. If you find a first-class fit in a bus Advanced travellers know that in economics there are a few seating options that are as good (and in some cases even better) than the first-class one. They' re gangway seats.

A further secret: Look at the luxury budget seating, which can be as comfy as the front of the cabins for a split of the cost, says Matthew Bennett, publisher of "Virgin's new 22-inch Virgin Premier Economical Seat, for example, while Delta's BusinessElite seat is only 18 inch in width in Europe.

It' 5 inch in width and costs up to 10x as much money," he says. All others also, and if you get there at the right hour of the morning, the car hire service usually offers you a free upgrad. "Probably the best timeframe for free updates is Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday in the early afternoon," says car hire operator Neil Abrams.

A lot of car hire firms have adapted their fleet, which means they prefer the car they ordered. You use your mobile telephone, store a bundle and pretend that the telephone does not actually exisit in your hotel room. This is not what the hotel wants, because they are dependent on their earnings - according to PKF Consulting, about one per cent of their earnings come from the telephones in their rooms.

A further advantage: Wi-Fi fees that can reach $10 per night. Even better, hotel customers choose to stay in a hotel that offers free broadband and uses its Internet-based telephone service such as Skype. Packages can help you safe mad cash by purchasing fresh and hotel or fresh and car hire together instead of separate you can spare laughable quantities of pastry.

For the best value for money, Hawaii and business-class flights to Europe, says Janice Hough, a All Horizons Travels agency in Los Altos, California. Once I saw a Baltimore car hire company that was more expensive than the car hire company plus a hotel. I know travellers who buy these kits and did not use one of the ingredients - in other words, they did not buy flight and hotel kits and then did not use the hotel.

What is the nature of the tourism sector? Touroperators or agents buy large blocs of hotel rooms and airfares at a low rebate and then sell them on to you at a surcharge - but still less than you would have paid if you purchased them individually. Do you want to gamble in the restaurants world?

What are the differences between the midday and evening menus? Dining rooms are playing all types of meal plays, with menus highlighted, offer more elaborate children's dishes and give obligatory "tips" without even letting you know. You know, I could print a whole pillar on saving money on diners, but here are two of my favourite "games" you can take home.

When it is a selection between luncheon or evening meal in a local eatery, go for it. Diners believe that they will be spending more on the same meal for supper (and they are usually right). It' not always rewarding, says Stanley Roberts, a restauranteur who operates the website. Each Monday, my colleague looks closely at what moves the tourist busines.

If you can't get enough of my columns, visit my diary for everyday insight into the travelling industry.

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