How do I become a Travel Agent

Become a travel agent?

Destination of your speciality in the travel market. Agencies help to plan holidays and other trips at home and abroad. The five legends about travel agencies To many travellers, regardless of your ages, use the term "travel agency" and you cannot even begin to understand why you would ever use one. It' simpler and quicker than ever to make an on-line booking for a room, a flight voucher or a hire company, and there are ratings from users everywhere, so why would anyone need an agent?

It is very easy for me to make the same travel arrangements myself without using a travel agent. Sure, you can make your own travel arrangements, but it can't be the same journey you would get through a travel agent. "They are just a number for a bank account if they make their own bookings," says Anne Morgan Scully, Chairwoman of McCabe World Travel, a virtuoso travel agent in McLean, Virginia.

"I' d like to know the general director of the hotels where they are and I usually call the GM the evening before one of my customers comes to see if they can be up-graded. With a good agent, they'll be known on arriv. "It is particularly useful for special travels, whether it is a honeymoon, cruises or adventures.

"Everyone can rent a room and a rented vehicle, but I am selling romance and adventures to Africa," says Jonathan Haraty of Jon's Dive & Travel Services in East Longmeadow, Mass. "Would you like to reserve your own Africa based accommodation or liveaboard in africa?

That'?s one of the reasons you need an agent. "You can view all the hotels and resorts ratings you want on the Internet," he says. "Both Scully and Haraty notice two things that are better suited to operatives than anyone else. In many cases, a good agent is able to get a room if the website or reception says they are "full".

" "It' easy to know who to call," says Scully. If you are on the beach due to a cancelled or late trip, there is nothing better than sending an email or text message to your travel agent to send you on another one. Can I get lower rates on line than when I book through a travel agency?

"Thou may be right," sayscully, "but it's not what you paid for going through the doorframes. It's what you paid for going through the doors. "It refers to the enhancements a good agent can get for a customer, enhancements related to a relation with a hospitality, travel agency or travel agency.

Employees get to know employees when customers are sent to the same objects. For example, companies in Europe's travel industry are looking for retailing and could offer the agent's customers discounts such as a room or cab upgrading or a glass ofampagne. This value can quickly be added if the respective property charges $25 or much more per guest for breakfasts or $100 or more per room per day for a bigger group.

cully says that even if a customer finds a good rate at the motel, she can often make a phone call and get one or two perks to make the business sweeter. You will be directed by travel agencies to travel agencies in your chosen city. That' s not the case, sayscully, who says:'We wouldn't keep our customers if we did.

" Instead, she is playing what she describes as "The Match Game", develops a rapport with a customer and learns what his taste is. "but if the customer doesn't suit me, it doesn't make sense," she says. "Travel agencies add supplements and charges to the rate.

Agencies are charged by hotel, airline and resort companies on a commissions basis, but many more charge additional charges due to their season. Designing a route, especially a complex journey such as a liveaboard tour, or book more than one ticket and transfer for an extensive holiday with the whole host families, is a hefty work.

Charge is a kind of full term and expense assurance that is invested in the creation of a travel route in the case that a customer finally cancels. "One could take three week to create a route and then a customer could buy it for the cheapest price," says Haraty.

"If I' m planning a journey to Africa, it could be 100 e-mails back and forth, several telephone conversations and two month before graduation. "However, everyone deals with the charges differently. A number of agents levy charges in advance and then cancel them when the customer actually makes a booking. "There is a move among agents that you should demand recoverable fees," says Haraty.

"You will see more travel companies that charge $150 to $300 to put together a journey, but then you will get it back when you actually do. "5 "5. All travel agent's are the same. "No way," says Scully. You need to be right for you and have the right organisations certify you.

Individuals should select a travel agent the way they select a travel agent. "cully is a certified travel consultant and is certified by the Travel Institute's Certified Travel Industry Executive Program. Apart from certification, the best agencies today are experts who know everything about cruise ships, all-inclusive destinations or Southeast Asia.

Haraty's specialities are Africa, romance and scuba travel, and they sometimes end in surprising ways.

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