How to Book Air Tickets with multiple Destinations

To book airline tickets to multiple destinations

Is it possible to book more than one flight per log-in session? Transform your flight into a multi-city by adding additional destinations! Note: All fields marked with * are mandatory. To book a multi-city flight with Travelstart.

Multi-stop flights: How to use Skyscanner's multi-city travel finder to find great value for money air travel.

Do you want to see more than just one town on your next journey? Learn how Skyscanner Australia's simple multi-city scheduler can help you find low-cost air travel and travel to multiple destinations. No matter if you want to travel around the globe, see a few towns on your way to your goal or use your stopover, Skyscanner Australia's multi-stop service is the right way to go.

They can stop at just one more town or easily pass through a fistful. Allow me to tell you about multi-stop flying. Multistop trips, also known as multi-city trips, are when you are adding several trips to different towns on the way to your ultimate destinations. You will often find that it is less expensive to book multiple stops on the same flight or to book all your flight at once than to do so.

What are multi-stop services? Sometimes multi-stop or multi-city services are operated by one carrier, sometimes over several, but because you jump back and forth between towns or use important turnstile destinations, you can often turn this tiresome 5-hour stop-over into a week-long stop-over at no uplift.

So how do I use the multi-stop lookup? We have also compiled a 4-step manual that shows you exactly how to use our multi-city flightsearch. Start your multi-stop flightsearch on Skyscanner Australia's homepage. Choose the "Multi-city" item in the searching mode.

Enter the towns to which you want to go and the data to which you want to go. Up to six additional trips can be added to your multi-flight finder. Please enter the number of passengers and the category of cabins you would like to use.

They' re willing to look! Then click on the labeled "Search flights". Then scroll through the results of multi-stop flying. Use the slider on the lefthand side of the display to select the length of your trip, number of stations, airline companies, airport and overall travel time. Further hints for booking multi-stop-tickets?

A further tip: use your stopovers for your multi-stop flight from Australia. Finally, if you are adaptable, you can try different data to help your flight cost less, so you can instead pay at your final destinations. And the best thing about multi-stop flying is that you can experience a round-the-world experience without having to try it out for over a year to make a profit.

Plan your multi-city journey with Skyscanner Australia. You want to do more than just organize your flight? Skyscanner Australia can also be used to look for hotels and rental cars.

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