International Flight Agency

The International Aviation Agency

They have extended their service not only to India, but also to other international destinations, which is cheapest and best compared to other travel agencies/agencies. An international travel agency Offering mankind an unique and unique travelling adventure. Organizing air and tourism for individuals quickly and efficiently while at the same time expanding with our capacities and our range of products and sourcing. Journey to Nyungwe begins at 9 am after breakfasts with the first stop at the Huye Ethnographical Museum (optional), one of Africa's best ethnographical collection, constructed in 1987.

At 0900a. morning checkout from the lodge and transfer to Kibuye Kivu Lodge, it is a 2 hour and 30 minute night ride at Kivu Lodge. At 09:00 am after breakfasts, checkout at Kivu Lodge and continue to Musanze, which is a 3-hour-trip. Dinner at the chosen lodge.

Accompanied hiking tour (optional) at Villa Gorilla Guestodge. Then have a little barbecue. Accommodation in the Villa Gorilla Guest House. Checking out of the room after having finished your meal and flying back home to Kigali. Prepare to be collected from your accommodation between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. when you set off on a safari to Serengeti National Park.

You will have a picknick in the afternoons and continue with a brief safari in Serengeti National Park. Cruise into the wild after breakfasts to start your full night safari through the Serengeti National Park. In the afternoons you will have a picknick. Awake up for an early dawn Serengeti Deerstalking.

Back to your lodging for dinner and down to Ngorongoro Crater, one of the world's wonder of nature. At the end of our morning we go down to the huge calderaboden for a wildlife watching tour. Stop for your midday snack at the hippopool site before climbing up to the edge and driving to Arusha.

A tasty buffet is followed by a sightseeing trip and the Burj Khalifa, this town has so much to do! You' will be collected from your hotels and drive with four-wheel drive cars to your desertsafari; the SUVs drive through the deserts of the gold sands. You will have a tasty buffet lunch and then take your return flight to the airfield.

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