Leading Online Travel Agencies

World-leading online travel agencies

Expedia Inc. was the world's largest travel agency in terms of revenue, followed by Priceline Group, which highlighted the threat OTA posed to traditional travel agencies. The number of online travel bookings has increased in the United States. OTAs (online travel agencies) have become the most important sales channel for the travel industry and attract guests from all over the world. Shopping has helped Expedia and Priceline consolidate their position as the world's largest online travel agency as opportunities for others diminish.

When an online travel agent (OTA) gets a client to browse their website, how does it keep them there to make a reservation?

When an online travel agent (OTA) gets a client to browse their website, how does it keep them there to make a reservation? It is not an easy service, as the typical traveller tends to browse 38 web pages while travelling. Just as important, however, is the capacity to provide the most affordable, pertinent and available rates to provide clients with the best possible searching and buying experiences.

It is used by the world's leading online travel agencies and meta research firms and offers the best fares available within a millisecond without affecting the precision of these results. Utilizing sophisticated algorithm, intelligent CACHEREFRESH mechanism, and real-time accessibility checks, it delivers immediate results without affecting accessibility or product or service throughput.

Accessing the most extensive carrier stock available, the system provides travel roundtrip search and fare discounts. "We are pleased to be supporting the expansion of a vibrant business like Trip.com. Online travel is becoming overcrowded and we believe that the capacity to react quickly is a real asset.

Leading online travel agency increases sales by 16% with Actionable Analytics

One of the world's biggest online travel agencies, the customer offers its clients travel related travel related travel related information and service via web sites and intranet. Being the leading online travel operator, the customer's main income was the website. The clients, however, used the off-line channels to make enquiries about telephone conversations, faxes and e-mail.

The customer also experienced a marked variation in call allocation in his call centre. As a result, sales and the company's overall sales volume and sales volume declined. They needed expert knowledge to design a road map to close the loop. We have a solutions package that can help you get started riding the new wave in the business:

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