Long Term car Rental

Long-term car rental

Locate the perfect long-term car rental - search, browse and book thousands of unique cars for monthly rent through local owners across North America and the UK. Long term & monthly car rentals offer flexibility to explore, discover and settle with ease for travelers looking to rent a car for a month or longer.

Long-term car rental - Car rental by the month

If you are interested in renting a car, transporter or lorry on a month' s basis, we have a long-term rental service: Are you considering a short-term rental contract? In contrast to short-term and long-term rental agreements, long-term rental cars can be terminated at any time. The current or week prices are valid for rent surcharges of less than 30 d.

Long-term car rental is perfect for: The current or current prices are valid for rent surcharges of less than 30 d. Car rental at a certain time is possible by the hours, or by the working hours of the working days or weeks.

Long-term car rental

Los Angeles is the movie and TV industrial center of South California. There are guided visits to renowned studios, museums and observatories. It is easy to book a long-term car rental at Los Angeles International Airport. The town of San Diego is where the sundowner never leaves for a single sunny days - with a comfortable environment perfect for exploring the parks and beaches.

There is also a zoo, safari parkland, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld and many other activities that make the whole town a pleasure for the whole group. Rent your long-term car directly from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Boston, one of America's oldest towns and home of the founding towns of the American Revolutions, has a long tradition and is also one of America's major university centres.

There are many interesting places to visit in the town. Internationally known as the resorts town, Vegas is known for its gaming, retail, entertainment and night life. Vegas has more to choose from than just casino - the town has 68 amusement park, 4 golfs, the art quarter in the centre of the town, and fast bushwalk.

Obtain your long-term rental car directly from McCarran International Airport. The Atlanta region boasts a balance of historic, cultured and wildlife attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site, Centennial Olympic Park and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. There are many theme guided visits in the town.

Take a flight to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a long-term car rental and experience the town. Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a place for yachting, wind surfing, kite-surfing and music. With the nickname Spacecity, the town provides an opportunity to discover the country's technologies and histories.

It also draws more than 7 million people to its museum district. There is a rich and varied cultural life and a flourishing visual art community.

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