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Low-priced hotels

Saves due to price differences between the booking pages that were looking for the same hotel. You can choose from thousands of hotel discounts & deals.

We strive to offer the best price on-line.

We strive to offer the best price on-line. When you find a lower, public tariff available on-line, let us know so we can compare it. In addition, US and Canadian citizens will be issued a $50 Rewards ticket at the end of their stays and foreigners will get their first free one.

Best price guarantee: It is difficult to find the best price on the web. We are so sure that our rates are the best price available on line that we are proud to be there. You can also make a reservation by phoning the real estate directly and we are behind our price with our lowest price guarantee.

If, by chance, you find a lower price for the same date and conditions on another qualifying on-line resource, we will not only compare that price - we will also give the U.S. and Canadian people a $50 rewards pass (in U.S. dollars or CAD) that you can issue in any way you can think of. Instead, internationals get their first free overnight stay.

Have you found a lower price for the same accommodation, the same date and the same price? Fill in the application form within 24 hrs after your reservation. Benefit from the favourable rates for your entire holiday. Travellers residing in the United States or Canada will be issued a $50 US or CAD $50 rewards credit that can be used wherever Visa Rewards are acceptable in the United States and Rewards cards Prepaid Mastercard® in Canada.

When you are an internationally based company, you get the first overnight stay for free. U.S. Visa Reeward Card - Physical Visa rewards card can be used for shopping at retailers in the U.S. and the District of Columbia wherever Visa credit card acceptance is required. The General Business Rules are valid for rewards credits.

The Visa Reward Card is granted by MetaBank member FDIC under a licence from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The card is sold and maintained by InComm Financial Services, Inc. eReward Visa Virtual Account - U.S. The Visa Virtual Account can be used in the U.S. and the District of Columbia and in the U.S., inclusive of PR and UPSI, wherever Visa credit card is used.

Visa Reward Cards, which Metabank® Member FDIC issues under a licence from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Ticket restrictions: The cardholder is limited to one ticket per individual. The use of the map may be limited by legal regulations in certain jurisdictions. You cannot return the ticket. No refunds will be made on the ticket. It is not possible to recharge the map.

It cannot be used for pay-at-the-pump operations. Cards are not protected under a zero liability insurance contract. They do not have the right to stop the payments of a purchase made with the Cards. You may not terminate the Cards unless otherwise provided in this Agreement or by law.

You may not make periodic PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) operations in which you authorise a business or organisation to draw money from the Preauthorised Deposits. There are certain restrictions on the map, as described below. "We are behind our prizes. Not only are we willing to adjust the lower public tariff on a third party website ("Competing Rate"), but we are willing to award you a $50 rewards pass (for US and Canadian citizens only) and a qualifying voucher from Choose within 6 week of completing your sojourn.

We will pay the lower price for foreigners and provide the first overnight accommodation free of charge. You have to have the competing rate: Availability for the same data, room categories, length of stays, currencies with the same tariff conditions and limitations.

Lowest price guarantee is valid for bookings in the following global hotel chains: The Lowest Price Guarantee does not cover bookings made with Ascend Hotel Collection in Las Vegas, NV that includes a room in a hotel room. When you find a qualifying lower price, Choose will adjust your competitive price (based on the entry criteria stated in the full set of conditions) and award you with a $50 rewards pass if you live in the United States or Canada.

Internationals get their first free overnight stay. All of our choices sites, call centres and real estate properties are guaranteed to offer*, (a) an equal or better available on-line fare that is visible and available to the general public than a third part of the website** ("lowest price guarantee"). Included in the price of this package are people who call the resort directly to make a booking, but no walk-ins.

A" Third Party Website" means a website that is not held by or franchised by Choice, which ( "i") directly resells Choice's stock of rooms to customers, ("ii") provides acknowledgement of a confirmed booking made at the date such a booking is made, and ("iii") does not involve affiliation or registration.

Lowest price guarantee for the following rates: Best-available price, prepurchase, Choice Privileges memberships, Choice Promotions, AAA and Senior/AARP. Lowest price guarantee does not cover: Tariffs that are not available to the general population, such as group tariffs, flat fees, vouchers, membership prices, government prices and army prices not expressly mentioned above; tariffs found on non-transparent or auctions pages and other pages on which the name of the accommodation and the respective accommodation are not known until booking; - taxes (unless the tariff includes taxes), tips, additional expenses for guests or other similar fees that are due at the accommodation.

When the choicebooking fare is shown as a control charge, as mentioned above, it must be checked against a competing fare on a comparative scale, so that either the competing fare must include or deduct taxation from the booking price. e. If the competing fare is lower, choose will accept the entitlement and adjust the competing fare to the input VAT basic price for the rest of a multi-day sojourn ( "Fee"); some on-line tourist pages categorize a portion of their fares as "Fee".

" Example, a motel offers the agency a price of $75. One of the most popular websites for travelling is the $70 installment and say that there is an extra charge of $5 so that its installment will appear lower for the user. This type of collective bargaining practice is misleading to all concerned.

So, if you have found a competing installment on a third-party website that treats part of its real prices as "fees", then the competing installment must contain the extra charges so that the competing installment and our reservation installment can be matched on a comparative base. When a fare equal to or lower than the competing fare is available on a direct channel choice, that fare will be available for the whole reservation.

US and Canadian citizens are not entitled to obtain the rewards cards and foreign citizens are not entitled to free board. A" stay" is the number of successive overnight stays in a hospitality, regardless of whether the same guest checks in or out. Rewards Matrix:

The same competing rate applies to all customers with licensed entitlements. Rewards and free overnight stays are used on the basis of the following points: 50 rewards credit limit for US and Canadian residents: In addition, a customer receives a bonus ticket for one to nine rooms* per booking, regardless of the number of rooms reserved.

Mr. Smith will be issued a $50 rewards ticket for one of the six reserved rooms). In addition, a customer receives a room for one to nine rooms* per booking, regardless of the number of rooms reserved. Mr Smith receives one free overnight stay for one of the six reserved rooms).

Once a booking request has been accepted, the booking is not transferable. The name on the booking must be the same as the name on the guest's photograph at the moment of check-in. Choice staff, partner or franchise hotels, businesses, their immediate families and private persons living in the same home are not entitled to the lowest price guarantee.

Misuse of the lowest price guarantee: Choose retains the right to void an already authorized receivable if a client breaches or circumvents these requirements and to refuse any such client's subsequent lowest price guarantee entitlements. Do you have any questions about our lowest price guarantee?

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