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Please note, however, that there is no non-stop flight from Denver-Munich. An aircraft can have several flight numbers. ((Google Flights, Expedia, Skyscanner, CheapOair) to the comparison shop. I don't think you'll like my answer, but I think Expedia is right. This section allows you to choose whether you want to view non-stop, one-stop or two-stop flights only.

Can I buy multi-stop flights and multi-stop passes?

A multi-stop ticket is a ticket with 3 or more stations that does not go around the globe. All other flights are open. How can I make multi-stop bookings? Not many places where you can buy multilegged flights. How is an example of a multi-stop trip? Typical multi-stop flights are: Is it possible to reserve One-Way Multi-Stop flights?

Yes, it is also possible to buy One-Way Multi-Stop airfares. London, go to Dubai, go to Bangkok, go to Singapore by land, go to Bali, go to Sydney. Please review your ticketing or visas however.

EXEDIA or booking with the carrier, which is better - Air Travel Message Board

I' ve got a multi-stop flight from Toronto to Cooking Island to Syndney to Christchurch Airport to SoFo. Same train of flights (exactly the same) is about $125 less expensive on expedia (with all flights in New Zealand) than on NZ Airport (both in US dollars). I' ve always made a booking with the company and never used expedia, is there a drawback to using expedia?

Is it still possible to select places on expedia (I need legroom)? Particularly on a multi-city trip, if you go with Expedia, make sure they are all issued on one pass and make sure you review the regulations for changes and cancellation. Be sure you have enough free space between flights! You can get a route that is hard to make if you take into account the amount of round-trip aircraft/terminal times.

Or you could try to call Air NZ and say that you have seen this route on Expedia and it is something you can buy directly from them? I think it is always best to make a reservation directly with the airlines. However, I have often made bookings with Expedia without having too many issues where there are enough cost-saving.

For a savings of only 125 I would make a direct booking - it looks like a rather costly journey. Usually you can make your reservation via Expedia, although I tried a SAA and couldn't do it - I think it will depend on the airline's system. This is exactly the kind of scenario we had recently in the Australia forums, where an RTW tickets was bought from Expedia.

I asked him why he chose Expedia - the answer was "it was cheap". I' d go with the airlines directly or you can find what you want and if you know a good agency see if they are the same or better the deal, then you have the best of both.

They ask much fewer queries and easier ways to pay, and once my woman flew a months ahead of me and I would not be able to get her plane on my plastic cards unless I was going to fly.

Orbitz and Orbitz said nothing about my coffee or the need to show it at check-in. for example on my fflht I just posted United had a $60 less plane ticket, but I did research. The United now only allows 1 free baggage second is $70 on the Korea internation airfare still allows 2.

I would use the airline's reservation itinerary. Book with the airways directly gives you that bit of sense, not a third parties reservations fan. No.

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