Name your own Price Airline Tickets

State your own price airline tickets

Under the" Name Your Own Price" option, click the "Bid Now" button. European hotel service complements's Your Own Price( sm) air ticket service for flights between the two cities.

Price List & NAME YOUR PRICE Tickets

In the last 12 month, a significant proportion of price list queries have resulted in up to 40% saving on Your Own Price compared to the cheapest rates listed on the price list. com (same trip and departure and arrival dates). Saving is not always certain and varies depending on the price and availabilty.

Fares can vary and there is no assurance that an air fare will be used. Price®'s name Your Own Priceï¿? is different from other websites. Accurate flying and arrival time will be announced after your order. The following limitations also applies to's name Your Own Price airline line as well as to Pricelineâ??s Business Airline + Cabinets: The following regulations apply:

Tickets are non-refundable, non-cancellable, non-endorsable and non-modifiable. When your enquiry is received, your preferred means of paying will be calculated for the amount displayed, whether or not the airline is used. There will be no refund for tickets not used and cannot be used for further purchase; once a price list has been filed, it cannot be changed by you; all trips will be made without a roundtrip ( "outbound" and "return" destinations are not the same).

When you do not use one of the tickets in your booking, the airline cancels your flight schedule; all tickets will be valid for economics only. Tax and Fee Fees: By submitting a Name Your Own Price® ticket enquiry, you consent that if there are tickets that match your Name Your Own Price enquiry, the amount of the Name Your Own Price enquiry filed and tax, duties, surcharges, delivery and/or service charge or other charge as described in the section "Government, airline and agent charges" will be debited to your chosen paying option at

You will be informed of the "total travel expenses" before sending your enquiry. The amount of your enquiry includes our enquiry fulfilment rate. Additionally, we levy a seperate and extra handling charges, which are contained in the amount "taxes, charges for airlines and agencies" shown to you.

Charges vary according to fare, airline, destinations and other conditions and apply to both e-tickets and printed tickets. Your Own Price airline tickets, state duties and charges, and airline charges are covered by your fare for certain destinations internationally; for these destinations, however, the handling charge is not covered by your fare.

You will be informed of the overall costs of the tickets inclusive of all duties and charges before purchasing. You may be required to pay entry or departure charges for your travel on the following listings which are not part of your rate or are listed on your check out page. Card charges: There is a delivery and processing charge if your route involves the issue of printed tickets.

There will be an extra processing charge if your tickets are redirected or undelivered and sent back. Please note: This charge may appear on your agreement before you buy. Luggage and other surcharges:: Airline companies may charge you extra charges at the airports for certain types of service and/or if you go beyond certain limitations set by the airline, such as the number of items of luggage or the permitted luggage weights, and some carriers do not provide a free luggage amount.

Priceline provides a synopsis of an airline's main luggage charges during the reservation procedure, but each airline should be contacted for full information on their luggage and other surcharges. Entrance/exit fees: When you travel abroad, some jurisdictions or airfields levy entrance and/or departure charges.

This fee is not part of your quote price or the tax and charges we show on our website before you buy.

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