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Get a quote and get great seats at the price you want to pay with our trusted partner ScoreBig. Last-minute sports, concert and theatre tickets. Bid tutorial Uncertain whether you want to go or cannot allow yourself to go at the specified ticketing rates, in which case you should buy tickets may be better in the following scenarios: You' ve found the place of your dreams. You' ll need tickets near your relatives or your boyfriends who are already there.

B. Maintain the offer until a few hrs before the auction. and C. Set the price approximately 30% below what similar tickets are quoted for. As a rule, 30% off is granted when you compare the price of tickets two to three nights before the show with the price of tickets in the week and month in question. Although not guarantied, the most steep rebates (sometimes more than 50%) are granted only a few lessons before the show.

When your bids expire, what should you do? When your bids match what applies to similar tickets and your bids are about to expire, you should postpone the expiry date of your bids. When you have a good bids, a salesperson will most likely contact you about your listing.

This depends of course on outside influences, such as the appeal of the meeting and the distance of the meeting. When your bids have already elapsed, buy tickets with our Buy Now or place a new bids for slightly lower-rated or the same section or for the same section, but with a slightly higher number.

So if your bids are more than 10% below what is offered for similar tickets, then you have to ask yourself, is this auction really inferior? Well, if so, take a sour apple and buy the tickets.

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Buying a name your own price from Priceline and getting a lot. I' d rather go a little early the next morning. I' ve phoned Delta a few time and get contradictory responses as to whether I can go stand-by on a previous plane with a Priceline fare, where I've mentioned my own price.

Was someone permitted to enter into a name that is worth your own price? Who is the carrier? The majority of these tickets are very limited. Are you able to see the tariff regulations for your tickets? In principle, Delta is very difficult to operate. You have substituted it with a validated tag that allows you to "pay" for a place if it is available in your tariff group.

You can even try to activate the stand-by mode only if this item is not available........ In addition, the stand-by mode is then prioritised according to the carrier and tariff category so that you are probably at the bottom of the table.

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