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First ( and only) experiance with Priceline's name your own price Accommodation rates around our home town were quite cheap, but a bit pricey in North Virginia, so I chose to take a game of chance and use Priceline's name Your Own Price Tools. When you are not used to Priceline's name Your Own Price is a system you can use to potentially get a good price for a property. They can make your reservations on a particular area or areas, sometimes a neighbourhood in major metro, and the Michelin rated category of hotels you want. Specify the price you are willing to purchase (net of tax and fees), fill in your payment details and see if a nearby property will accept the offer.

Disadvantage of this system is that you do not know in which room you will stay, and once a room has accepted your offer, it is a non-refundable one. I made the booking in North Virginia for a $100 3-star upscaletel. Priceeline said the avarage price for 3-star hotels in this area was $143, so I felt my price was a little low but still reasonable.

Last picture a traveller posed only four month ago? Bugs. A lot of critics were complaining about lavatory failures, unsatisfactory customerservice, unpleasant odours and other difficulties you would have expected from a 1 or 2 star city. It was horrified that Priceline would consider this a 3-star property.

Have I mentioned that the night price of this accommodation for our chosen data was only $85 and magic not mentioned as available on Priceline in your normal quest? Call Priceline to try to reverse this booking, on the grounds that this is not a 3-star resort and should never have been offered.

Preiceline declined to accept my refusal and said I was dead. So, now I have the opportunity to stay here and take my chance or eat the $120 I payed and find another city. I' d never take the chance to put my child in a bed bug-house with known (!) bedsheets, nor would I take the chance to drag those possible bedbug to my sister's and mother's homes the next morning.

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