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State your price airline tickets

Hacking the Name Your Own Price Tool for hotels, car rental and airline tickets. Airline ticket price It may come as a shock to those who travel in congested hush hours that the eight large US airlines only operate 65 to 70 per cent of the time. As marketer Jay Walker realised this, he began to develop a system that uses the web to provide the consumer with a possible proposition for the million empty seat passengers. will make its debut this months and, according to Walker, will allow customers to quote the price they would be willing to charge for airline tickets. On the website of the enterprise you just enter your route, the price you are willing to afford and your number. When an airline agrees, will contact you within one hours with a non-refundable airline tickets.

"That' is not for the businessman," says Walker, whose Stamford, Connecticut-based Walker Digital Corporation, ordered 12 shareholders to set up a $25 million investment plan, 80 web server installations and'solid' deals with all the big players before the start. Walker anticipates that will record one million visits per days for the 1,000 to 3,000 tickets available every single working day by the end of 1998.

Walker: "Airlines like this system because it allows them to generate additional revenues without disturbing their retailer tariff system. eliminates booking charges for summer flight sales (NASDAQ:PCLN)

NORWALK, Conn. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--11. June 2007--Priceline. com's sales of our annuals! William Shatner (a.k.a. The Priceeline Negotiator) launched the sales of with a quick carat strike today by cancelling the reservation charges for all national and intercontinental airfares bought until July 4 for trips of up to 330 nights from the date of acquisition.

All flights and itineraries are sold, except those bought through the price list. com's name Your Own Price&rsquo. info. This means that for the length of the Summer Flights Sales, clients are paying less for their airline tickets than any other great on-line booking services, which includes Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Cheap tickets.

Clients who choose for their airline tickets benefit from other significant advantages in excess of the reservationfee. As well as outward and inward travel with the same airline, offers clients the option to choose their own "mix-and-match" flight, i.e. an airline and a travel plan for the outward and inward journey.

The combination of airline operators can enhance the routes and cost saving, which is why about 20% of the price is for com. clients also have the opportunity to book a cheap accommodation and/or hire cars from's ranks of tens of thousands of member hostels and hire cars all over the inland.'s one-of-a-kind Your Own Price options can help you cut costs by up to 50% on hotel bookings and up to 30% on car rentals in comparison to rates posted on the main on-line booking sites. For the pricelist, please click here or go to "As this is a good sales proposition for last-minute and pre-sales tickets, it will attract many different customers," says Mark Koehler, Senior Vice President, Airline Ticketing at com.

"Travellers can use this sales to reduce the costs of their forthcoming holiday. You can buy tickets for an autumn flight when the crowd has thinned out. Or if you like to plan ahead, you can now buy your Thanksgiving and Christmas tickets and get the extra money. "Recently started a new advertising promotion called "The Negotiator", which is focused on Priceeline. com's capability to provide the best offers for its clients.

The Airline Ticket Services of achieves this objective in several ways. Featuring's TripFilter enhanced searching engine, you can:: Find easy-to-use grateframes that match different carriers, itineraries, schedules and fares. You can set the raster according to price, travel length, departures or arrivals as well. Buy round-trip, one-way or multi-purpose tickets.

Select between Economy/Bus, Bus, Airport, Business Classic or First Classic Tickets. Seek alternatives to trip data and/or airport that can improve your chance of getting a lot. Verify's PriceBreakers services. The PriceBreakers is a free online shop where special last-minute offers are hand-picked and shown while they are still available.

As well as browse price reductions on the com website, clients can sign up to get emails with price reductions and other offers from their favourite town. When a tariff is about to be sold out, will issue a warning next to the tariff. Prices are only valid for publicised travel destinations where travellers select their airline, timetables, routes and prices.

Sales do not include's name Your Own PriceÒ, where customers can already cut up to 40% off from the price posted on the large on-line itineraries.'s name Your Own Priceï¿? accompanies fixed-price itineraries.'s name Your Own Price Consumption Services displays important route information after your trip has been purchased. Incorporated (Nasdaq: PCLN) runs, a premier US web based destination for budget travellers, and PriceLinel Europe, a premier web based Europe Hotelservis. The United States offers more ways to reduce the cost of airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, holiday deals and cruise fares than any other web based itinerary.

As well as the best advertised rates, recreational travellers can limit their quest using Priceeline. com's TripFilter enhanced quest technologies, build kits to help you earn even more and take full benefit of Price. com's renowned name Your Own Price anywhere, which can provide the cheapest pricepay. Priceeline Europe runs one of the fastestgrowing booking companies in Europe through its web of booking companies, and

Operating in 54 nationalities and 15 different foreign language versions, PreCeline Europe provides clients in Europe and the United States with direct contact to some 34,000 of Europe's leading hotel operators. also runs the following tour websites: PriceLinelin. com also has a private financial services offering mortgage, refinance and home ownership credit through an independant licence holder. licences its operating models to unrelated licencees, with mortgages and certain cross-border licencees included. More information about See our PriceBreakers offers: Checking out our guides: Others affiliate websites include:

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