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If you are looking for flights to the United States of America that fit your price range and agenda, you will find our selection here. You can start your travel planning here. Enjoy your holidays at your favourite hotspots with discounted one-way flights. No matter whether you travel for fun, business, adventure or relaxation, your ideal trip is just a click away! The Tonight-Only Deals and the patented name Your Own Price Bidding Service.

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Rummage through our hundreds of hundreds of daily tour bids and buy worldwide deals now. Place your bids on your ideal parcel. Winning the sale and enter your itinerary. We' ll reserve your journey and answer with a certificate. Get away! to your holiday resort. First of all, look forward to all your buddies that you have just won a great journey!

Be sure to tell everyone on your aircraft, in your hotels or on your ferry how much less you spent on the same holiday. With this auctions page you can place bids on both national and foreign airfares, which increases your chances of getting a good offer. Simply sign up and place your bet on the flight of your choosing.

You will find all the information you are looking for, as well as departures, airport details and extra fees, on the information page, so there are no unpleasant surprises after you buy your tickets. You will know exactly what you will get for your moneys. You may have the chance to buy more if you are a winner.

Number of tickets available is shown on the bids page so you know in advance how many tickets you can buy after the end of the sale. There are no low-cost tour packages here - only high-quality airfares and accommodation at a good price. Some of our flight offers:


Regardless of which carrier you select or whether you opt for an on-line agency or not, there are some general guidelines that you should follow when modifying your flight. These are some tips you should consider when deciding on a trip in the near term. According to U.S. Department of Transportation policies, you are allowed to modify or cancellation your reservations within 24 hrs of making your reservations without payment of a charge if you bought a non-refundable flight 7 nights prior to your flight-offdate.

Either completely cancelling your booking or changing it within the 24-hour period. However, if you modify them, there may be a price differential, but there is no fine. Not only for U.S.-based carriers, but also for all carriers that sell fares in the United States.

You can often exchange your tickets with reimbursable tickets without a rebooking charge, provided all fares and ticketing regulations are complied with and places are available. Before you buy an onlineticket, please make sure you have the tariffs and guidelines that are applicable to your particular ticketing in use.

In case you cannot find the exact modification charges via the query toolbar on the airline's website, use Google or Bing with the keyword "modification charges" and the name of the carrier. Decide on a voucherIf you are not sure what your new trip data will look like, ask for a gift certificate.

You only have to prepay the price differential if you are willing to buy a new one. If your timetable is unsure, consider taking out trip coverage that will allow you to delay your flight without incurring any penalties. Modifying or canceling a flight is often a problem, and navigation through tariffs and charges can be overpowering.

We have described the guidelines of the major carriers and on-line agencies in detail in this paper to facilitate the procedure. Which is a Changing Line Tickets? This page is designed to help you navigate the maze of regulations, guidelines, fees and limitations associated with modifiable air tickets. We will also give you useful tips on fee control and savings.

Carriers usually allow you to modify your route, but there may be substantial charges. Over the last few years, charges have risen significantly. The alteration charges are usually between $75 and $300. As well as the fine, the carrier will calculate the price differential between the old and new ticket.

If you buy a full rate instead of a limited or reduced rate tickets, you will usually have more choices and receive less when it comes to changes. Southwest is the only exemption we have found from these high-fare carriers and does not charge exchange rates on most of its tickets.

Let's take a look at the special guidelines and offers of some airline companies. The Jet Blue$75 + Price Difference$75 + Price ChangeFee is $100-150 if changes are made within 60 nights prior to flight and with price differences above $100. KLM$0 with "Flexibility" program$0 with "Flexibility" programs "Flexibility" programs cost 14 and allows you to make a one-time flight plan and/or travel to a different location if you book your flight to Europe up to 7 nights before your flight-off.

Southwest $0 as default$0 as default travellers are only liable for the payment of the price differ. E-Tickets allow you to modify the data of your tickets, but also to collect charges, which can be very high. In fact, you are most likely billed by both the airlines and the tour operator.

FlybeJustflyTicket: Modification charge + discrepancy between the initial price and the costs of the flight at the moment of modification. Obtain More Ticket: There is no limit to the number of changes you can make to your tickets or the default ticketing exchange charge. Every In Ticket: Modification charges are inclusive in the price, so they are twice as much as with Just Flow.

Modifications possible for a charge and price differences. Orbitz$30 Orbitz exchange charge + about $200-300 Airway Amount. PricelineName your price: Standardreservation: $30 rebooking charge + rebooking charge. So, while exchangeable tickets are available from almost all carriers and on-line tourist agents, it is important to check the small printed version and consult your local support if you are uncertain about rates and tolls.

If you are confronted with unexpected situations and need to make changes to your holiday itinerary in the near term, think of these useful hints!

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