New Online Travel Agency

A new online travel agency

Latest news about how OTAs (Online Travel Agents) influence online gastronomy. Making your online travel agency more successful. This is Cisalpina Tours, Live New. Pages in category "Online travel agencies". The HEBS Digital launches a new website for Loews Hotels.

On-line travel agents are confronted with searching, fee and rebate policies.

A continuous study of the selling habits of online travel agents has cautioned a number of brand names about the way they show the price and how the markets to people. None of the pages were selected for their behaviour, although the CMS says it sent "warning letters" to a number of pages to make sure they correct their actions.

You' re probably looking for a day's worth of digitally traveling, right? It says the campaign aims to encourage them" to check their conditions and practice to ensure that they are just and in compliance with consumers' rights". It is possible to take enforceable measures if the Commission's requests are not complied with.

Advertising Standards Authority, another regulatory authority dealing with claims against consumers' trademarks and their advertising strategies, is also involved in the inquiry, according to CMS. Results: how properties are ordered, e.g. to what degree results are affected by elements that are not pertinent to the customer's needs, such as the amount of commissions a property will pay to the site.

Print sales: Whether allegations about how many persons are viewing the same room, how many rooms are still available or how long a room is available creates a wrong idea of room occupancy or pushes clients into a reservation choice. Claiming discounts: whether the rebate entitlements at the locations provide a level playing field for the customer.

The receivable could, for example, be due to a higher amount that was only available for a short time or is not pertinent to the customer's selection criterion, such as a comparison of a higher week-end room plan with the day-of-the-week plan that the client was looking for. Concealed Costs: The degree to which the pages contain all of the cost in the cost that they first display to the client, or whether they will later be confronted with unanticipated dues such as tax or reservation dues.

At, we are constantly striving to offer compelling travel opportunities at reasonable rates in a clear, understandable and accessible way so that our clients can make well-founded travel decisions. "EXEDIA will remain involved with the CMA in these customer issues while continuing its investigations in the travel sector."

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