New Travel Agency

A new travel agency

Executives from innovative new travel agencies shared their innovation approaches, alternative business models and growing markets. Together with our commitment and consistency, New Travel LLC strives to make every effort to meet the needs of every customer for business and leisure travel. Five new travel start-ups that travel agencies place in the travelers' hand

This new type of travel agency is a technician who has established himself in portable instant messengers and even in brickworks and mortars all over the globe. It is the outcome of the increasing independence of travellers with better technologies in their hands. However, are instant messengers and SMS the way travellers want to interact with the individual who could book one of the most important journeys of their Iife?

We are looking for businesses that want to provide travellers with the right mixture and the diversity that makes travel bookings elsewhere unparalleled. ONE Rooftop uses travel agencies to advise holiday houses by SMS. For example, travellers who are not familiar with text applications only need to know how to post a text messages to begin a call.

Providing travel services and travel solution providers, Custom Travel Clubs provides a wealth of tailor-made experience, which includes individual wizards and 24/7 travel agency-accessibility. It is a place that can take on all these functions, and then some become more important in the minds of travellers. Travel agencies can get instant and anywhere acces to travel and reward programmes, ticketing and selling utilities, real-time directory, selling points and more.

Bookitlylyst is a website and application to explore and reserve your travel experience while gaining easy and convenient online travel planning support. This start-up also offers 24/7 help from travel agencies should anything go awry with a reservation. The opposite is true: travellers should also need a travel agency if something goes well.

The Yola24 is a travel agency services that can be integrated into your favourite message applications. Travel agencies can answer requests in all language versions and are located in the traveller's home town.

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