Online Air Ticket Agent

On-line flight ticket agent

In addition, you can book your discounted ticket online immediately. It is my goal to have an online travel agency that initially only sells airline tickets (example It helps to start your online flight booking business easily.

Launch the online travel agency from home to only offer airline ticket sales.

I' m from Sweden and would like to set up a small home company in the tourist industry here in Sweden, but I have no previous experiences in this area. It is my goal to have an online tourist office that initially only offers airline ticket sales (example We wanted the website to be selling trips from all over the globe, but the customers come mainly from Sweden because we want to focus the website on the Danish and German markets.

I have the following major issues in starting home business: Corresponding to the information I have, it is very costly to build such a website and I probably have to pay a large month cost for maintenance and registration charges, and that is just too much for a small home shop to get started with.

There are also extra online licensing fees for the GDS system I want to use, etc. You can get the licence here in Sweden, but I have to allow until September 2014 to do the test and have the licence, and that's just too long.

Somehow I think I have to get IATA and GDS trainings before I get into it..... I' ve tried to resolve the three above mentioned issues by going through a hosting agent, but the good ones I found online are actually located in the USA and they only accept firms listed in the USA.

The best way for me to set up this agency for my home office and address the three issues mentioned above. I' m conscious that the company will invariably have start-up expenses and I have to invest a lot of my own energy but at the same timeframe I don't want to spend too much of it.

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