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You can apply for your visa online. Check-in; Manage Booking; Flight Status; Hotel / Car;

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Booking flights online for domestic & international from IndiGo

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Highest domestic flights within KSA

Check out the section on low-cost airfare to save on national and intercontinental fares, make reservations and make reservations today. Locate low-cost Altayyyar airfares and get free trip coverage for your foreign trips. You can find inexpensive airline seats all over the globe with the best carriers. There is nothing more enjoyable than to save your budget and make low-cost air reservations!

This is the place to be if you want to make more savings and buy cheaper tickets! Whether you are booking air fares, hotels or even renting cars, Altayyyar is your one-stop-shop for all your travelling reservations. All Tayyar offers you free trip assurance for all your foreign trips.

We can be reached online via our website and off-line in more than 300 stores and via our call-centre. On our website you will always find the best package tours and offers. The best tips for travelling can also be found on our website, because we are the travelling specialists!

You have to consider many expenses when you are traveling, and usually airline fares take up a large part (if not the largest) of your overall holiday budgets. These are some important hints that will help you make low-cost bookings and help you start saving on your next journey. Booking always early.

There are many carriers that allow reservations for a particular date three month before the date of the airline's departure. Early booking gives you enough timeframe to make comparisons between different carriers, find better value for money and better plan your journey as a whole. An early booking is all the more important if your preferred date of travel is within a very popular saison.

Please try to book very later if you are not sure about your precise itinerary! There are many airline companies offering air ticket reductions from 48 hrs before the date of your trip. Do not be shy to take a plane with one or two stations. Occasionally these stations are an interesting part of your travelling experiences.

A number of carriers such as Turkey Airlines provide 24-hour accommodations for certain types of flight, and this gives you the opportunity to explore the great town of Istanbul on your way! Naturally, a flight that includes one or two stopovers is much less expensive than a non-stop flight, so don't hesitate to try it check our website regularly for specials.

Don't let yourself be held in the air in a metallic container just because you are going on a long outing! Fortunately, there are several ways to make your trip more "bearable". If you can buy a ticket for either the first or the last minute, or if you can use your points for an upgraded ticket, don't worry.

It is important to save your fortune and your contentment, but it is also important to have a pleasant journey. Do not take many things with you on the plane, because if you need something, it is the legroom around your seats. Carry-on baggage that stays under your seats and in front of your legs is the last thing you want on a long outing.

You' ll need a travelling cushion. It is available in all tourist shops and almost all airfields. Make a checklist of things you can do during your journey, some work that needs to be done, a work that you wanted to study but didn't have enough free space, a course that you do online (download all the video on your machine before the trip), a pastime that you have, like painting, crochet, etc.......

With the right attitude, get on board.... to be enjoyed! Do you have a stopover in your plane? First of all, you need to know how long your stay will be, and if you choose a short sightseeing trip, you should return to the Aiport. Of course you don't want to miss your flights!

You will also need to find out about visa requirements before starting your trip, according to which cities around the globe is the stopover when you choose to leave the airports. When you are going on a trip through your intermediate town, it is a good idea not to take your carry-on baggage with you on the plane, as it gets trapped in the centre of town during the trip.

Anything funny can come up if you know in advance where you can stay for the few hour between your outings. You are in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and would like to make low-cost flight bookings? They can also purchase low-cost last-minute air travel to get low-cost airfares.

You are in the United Arab Emirates and would like to take a cheap flight from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or even Sharjah to EVERY place in the word? If so, you have reached the right website for booking your holiday and tour. We help you to find the best value for money air and hotels.

Al Tayyar allows you to find and match airline fares, buy low-cost, comfortable last-minute and one-way connections and sightseeing overflights. You can also rent a vehicle in many places all over the time. Fly low! With a long listing of the most luxury carriers, we offer you the best value for money air travel and fares.

We not only show you the best air ticket rates, low fares and a wonderful journey, we also provide you with inexpensive package deals and reductions where you can benefit from your journey with low fare carriers and make the most of the opportunity to visit Bolivia, Georgia, Ecuador, Denmark so that it is the cheapest journey you can have!

It is one of the most sought-after carriers and operates services to more than 81 locations worldwide. Headquartered in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, it operates to more than 250 cities around the globe. This is the Egypt airlines. The company operates more than 75 intercontinental services around the globe and operates in Egypt.

Headquarters in Cairo International Airport. A Cairo International Airport operated flight from Cairo. It operates domestic and international services to the Middle East, the Gulf, Asia, Africa and Europe. It is a leading provider of services to economical travelers and is one of the most sought-after airlines in the world.

It is a Saarland carrier and the first commercial carrier in the Kingdom of Sapa. Étihad Airways: the second biggest carrier in the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It is a low-cost carrier headquartered in Sharjah, UAE, and the first of its kind in the area.

More than 151 destination are served by Air Arabia. The state low-cost airlines fly to 95 different airports. Is the Bahrain domestic airlines. They offer services to more than 41 locations in 23 different parts of the globe. The Oman Air: the Oman airlines.

Located at Muscat Int'l Airporte in Zeeb, the company operates to 50 locations around the globe. Filipino Airlines: the Philippines' local airlines. It operates to over 70 intercontinental and intercontinental routes. Indonesia: The company is located at the Soekarno-Hatta Indonesia Internacional Airfield in Tangerang near Jakarta.

This is Indonesia's local carrier and offers 133 intercontinental and intercontinental services. Luwait Airways: Kuwait is Kuwait Airways' local carrier, operating services to more than 34 local and foreign airports. With its headquarters in Beirut, Near Eastern Air Lines is the Lebanese carrier.

The company operates to 32 locations and is part of the Sky-team partnership. AI: the India's leading airlines. The company's Airbus and Boeing fleets serve more than 90 German and foreign airports. This is an India air company located in Mumbai. With more than 66 locations, the company is India's second biggest airlines.

This is a cheap carrier flying to four internal KSA cities (Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah and Abha). We also offer flights to Dubai, UAE. Journey around the globe with the number one on the Middle East website for online booking of flights and itineraries. Altayyy allows you to enjoy the best travelling experiences at the cheapest tariff.

Our website offers the best flight and accommodation worldwide at the best rates. These are some of the most sought after places to visit internationally: Paris was the most frequented town in the whole wide range of cities, with its mixture of romance and the Eiffel Tower. First and foremost, it is the only town in the whole of Asia and Africa.

Altayyyar has everything you need to make your holiday planning complete. Are you looking for low-cost air travel? We' ll help you find and match the best carriers and find the best seats.

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