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With our services you can quickly and simply check the results of several hundred different pages at once. How come the price is not 100% correct? Aircraft seat, accommodation and rental cars are subject to frequent price changes. More than one person can try to buy the same trip at the same one. Therefore, it may happen that certain prizes are no longer available.

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Getting Started (Special Help): We train our staff to help our differently disabled customers, and we provide a range of specific support for each type of disability. For more information about our services, please visit our website or call +9198718033333333/ +919654003333. Support when relocating to and from the seats/toilets.

We do, however, reflect our incapacity to offer our customers any help for their individual needs on the vessel, such as food/drink, drug delivery, excretory function, as well as toilet support, or other individual caring needs. When you need help, we suggest that you go with a dedicated guide.

Seats and plane availability for differently disabled passengers: However, in order to comply with the DGCA security standards, disabled persons who make the removal of aeroplanes insecure do not receive a place where they would interfere with the escape routes, interfere with the functions of the flight attendants, interfere with boarding with access or prevent the removal of aeroplanes.

However, our cab crews can help you get in and out of the toilet doors, but cannot help you. Disabled persons or persons in wheel chairs (mobility aids); persons with crutches/supports/other prostheses; persons with visual impairments; persons with certified guide dogs; persons with hearing impairments; persons with spine assistants; persons traveling with an assistants for medicinal reasons; persons with mental/development/learning impairments; persons with internal medicine equipment; persons who need a stretchers; persons who need it; persons who need it; persons who need it; persons with help with mobility aids:

To make sure the services meet your needs, our reservations department and/or personnel can ask you a few simple queries to help you decide the degree of support you need. Your escort will help you with transport within the area of the airfield, to the departure and/or to the airplane doors (depending on the equipment of the airport).

If you are not able to change from a wheel chair to your own chair, our staff is skilled in the transmission of technology and can help you. Travellers in their own wheelchairs may use their own hand or rechargeable wheelchairs up to the departure gates and/or doors (subject to approval by the relevant authorities).

Unfortunately, battery-operated wheelchairs with a rechargeable batteries are not acceptable because they are aggressive and are regarded as hazardous goods; travellers with crooks / appliances / other prosthetics: Consumers may use their own crutches, suspenders and/or other prostheses up to the plane and may embark if the travellers are on them.

Visually impaired passengers: You can ask our staff to help you stow and recover your pole if it is not foldable or cannot be stored under your arm. These aids are all free of cost.

You can ask our cabin crew for the necessary support for your comfort, and we will do our best to provide the best possible support for you. When you need help during your trip with us, please let us know how we can best help you with your reservation or check-in.

This is what we offer: Meeting and assisting services to accompany you to and from the plane; prioritized Boarding. There is no need to book in case you want to take a helmet or other aids on board. This equipment can be used in all stages of the game. Travellers using Spinal Support Equipment (SSE):

Consumers must have their own spine supports and must be themselves in charge of the spine supports assembly, use and distance. When you plan to use SSE, we suggest that you call +9198718033333333/ +919654003333 at least 7 (seven) business day before your flight and let us know your SSE spec.

Travellers traveling with an assistants for health purposes: It is obligatory to have a safety wizard if the occupant is in a stretchers or incubators or needs help during the journey. Autism and mental retardation passengers: Accompanying person must have the attestation of the attending doctor together with a tranquilizer which can be given by the accompanying person before departure or on the way if necessary.

Patients with mental and/or physical disabilities must always be accompanied by a qualified counselor. Travellers traveling with in-house healthcare equipment: When traveling with an in-house healthcare equipment such as a cardiac pace maker or cardiac Defibrillator, please let us know at the time of booking and at the airfield before the trial begins, to the safety staff who will perform your examination.

Travellers who need a stretcher: Please notify us at least 48 hrs before the planned take-off date of the flights to make a reservation for a stretchers. Accommodation fee for the stretchers is the 09 (nine) seat fee at the respective rate plus a handling fee for the stretchers of 30,000 INR (including VAT and Cess).

Below you will find the necessary documents for the different clinical pictures:

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