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Advantages of online travel agencies - Travel - News In the latest rehearsal, which is about the fight between American Airlines and online travel agencies Orbitz and Expedia (if you haven't noticed, American has taken its rates from Orbitz and Expedia has taken America's rates from Expedia. com and Hotwire. com), I've seen a bunch of blogs posting commentaries that say: "Who needs online travel agencies?

" Earn extra points when you shop online! However, before we jump around the tomb on these third-party websites, we should all take a breather and think about what travel agencies - online or "Bricks and Mortar" - are good for. On-line travel agencies do at least six things well that airlines don't have (metasearch pages like Kayak provide some, but not all of these benefits):

Fast and simple comparisons not only of tariffs but also of flight plans of many different carriers at a single sight. For example, if your primary criteria is arrival by 14:00 and aa. com shows all of your flight arrival times up to $300, you don't want to quickly see that another carrier has 14:00 arrival times for $150?

Suppose you can only see your friend in Toledo if the price is $150 or less and you travel when it is that low. While aa. com does this over 30 working nights, most airlines only perform date searching flexibly over plus or minus three or seven working day, making searching for dates flexibly time-consuming and onerous. and conduct research 330 calendar nights in advance, and, and make 30-day searching fast and easy, plus they do it on many carriers simultaneously. Usually, meta pages such as kayaks only carry out a one to three working datasearch.

Multi airlines routes It could be less expensive to keep your first stage on airlines A, your second on airlines B, and your third on airlines C. Online travel agencies (and good brick and mortar travel agencies) will be the best price in such sceneries, an airlines website will put you on its own system.

Also, metasearch pages such as and Kayak only ship to or Orbitz if the best offer is on Frontier and back on US Airways. Packets Have you ever noticed the TotalTrip feature on Travelocity? Non-transparent fare websites such as and are selling rates for less than airlines as long as you do not worry about the carrier and the precise airfares before purchasing.

Now you can cut costs by as much as a hundred, especially on last-minute rates. Codeshare rates Go to and you will often see one strange thing: two routes departing and departing at exactly the same moment with two different carriers - let's say Alitalia and Delta. Perhaps if you are an experienced traveller you should visit the Alitalia website; if you are not, you will pay too much.

Orbitz Tariff Matrices is the simplest way to quickly locate codeshares (Orbitz's affiliate site, which still shows American's tariffs, works the same way). So, here's the bottom line: If American ends up offering the same rates as Southwest (and like Airtran after the merger) - that is, only on its own website - and then Delta, United/Continental and US Airways follows, you'll spend much more online to find the best Deals.

Sure, you can always find the cheapest rate through online travel agencies and then directly with one of the airlines, but it seems to us like the" gold goose killing".

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