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Flightsearch The flight finder is constantly evolving as customers are driving travel and service booking and travel patterns - and expect results that are super-fast, inexpensive, precise, relevant as well as books. Since every request needs to be tuned and optimized to provide optimum system perfomance, finding and booking are no longer good enough to be considered alone.

That' s why we are continuing our innovation to develop the best searching for your online store. More than a decade ago, we were the first to offer our low-fare searching solutions, and today we are the first to provide immediate results: Automated training algorithms to improve relevancy for specific groups of customers and IM to improve transformation.

Groundbreaking technology allows you to cross-channel innovation, deliver the final (instant) searching enjoyment, improve contrast and ensure that online shoppers are able to match all possible choices on the same screen. Merchandising, Accelerate and Monetize are the keys to differentiating, increasing profits and increasing conversion: The flight searcher is a differentiating tool and the immediate searchengine opens up new possibilities with new applications.

As a digital tour operator, you have a great chance to improve the online shopper's expertise and meet their unique needs by using the right solution to further distinguish your service promise. With the best tool available to help you set yourself apart in the highly competetive online tourism environment, we can help you build the way forward for online tourism.

Air fare online agencies vs. "Metasearch" - Blog

What is the discrepancy between an "online tourist agency" (OTA) like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity and a so-called "metasearch" like TripAdvisor Flights? First, online agencies have toll-free numbers to help you make or rebook a flight; metasearch pages such as Kayak do not because they do not offer fares; they ship you directly to airline companies or online agencies to do so.

An online booking agent and a metasearch page will let you know if the best offer is a mix of carriers (e.g. US Airways and United). However, neither side shows you the rates of all carriers (Southwest and Allegiant are excluded) and not always the rates that the carriers consider to be their own web pages (airlines sometimes withhold rates and inventories for their own pages to get the user to make bookings directly).

Locate the right traveller's credential for your application and make up to 40,000 points or $400. But unlike airlines that try to keep you on their own networks, OTA' s and metasearch pages show you the largest selection of flight plans and rates. Sometimes an online tourist agent such as Expedia or Travelocity has rates that do not have metasearch pages.

American Airlines, for example, had European flights to Europe during the summers at lower rates than those of the same time in economic cl. Kayak had no such offers. However, in general, metasearch pages are better able to find "airline site-only" rates than online tourist agencies.

Conversely, online agencies provide Air-plus hotels that can sometimes help you by saving you money, while metasearch pages do not. Conclusion: You need to check metasearch pages, online agencies and airlines if you really want to find the best deals.

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