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On-line hotel agents

Providing hotel accommodation for the travel industry is our core business. Find out more about online travel agencies with exciting and relevant articles from hotel experts. What can you do to maximize the potential of online travel agencies (OTAs)?

Explore a one-of-a-kind online reservation of your trip with personalised services and enormous cost saving with OHA.

Uncover a one-of-a-kind online reservation of your trip with personalised services and enormous cost saving with OHA. Browse our comprehensive catalog with a listing of over 100,000 properties in over 150 destinations. Accommodation is available in Europe, Australia, Africa, the United States, South America, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Our clients range from top 5-star establishments and all-inclusive resort to 1-star self-contained accommodation in over 150 nationalities. In addition to the possibilities for reservation, we offer a wide and extensive range of cultural and leisure events, sight-seeing trips, cruise, boat trips and also the possibility to buy a ticket for various tourist and leisure events.

Here's why we believe you should select your tour guides, yes, OHA. We have a specially adapted system to support our travellers every stage of their journey planning. We offer our costumers good net prices at a higher value than our competitors' legacy itineraries.

We have a comprehensive list of available reservations at any location in the canal. Accommodation in over 100,000 establishments around the globe, on every major European market. In addition, we have more than 200 world-famous and internationally renowned hotel chains. Benefit from our competitors' advantages in terms of uptime, in-depth trip scheduling, even in places that may not be in our list, and a wide range of last-minute arrangements.

You can also book hotel reservations and apartments at your preferred holiday destinations. In addition to an extensive listing of hotel operators, OHA offers its customers specific advantages such as the reservation of trips and cruise ships as well as the reservation of attractions cards. Transfers to over 200 destinations around the globe are possible, with a shortlist of 25,000 available accommodation.

In addition, we offer you a totally free of charge online reservation and personalised portals for your trip details. With our global network of contacts, we offer the best rates available at any desired location. In high season it is hard and laborious to book highly rewarding seats, but you will have no problem with us.

The OHA system is developed to offer customers infinite levels of happiness. Our unparalleled service to our customers ensures a seamless and safe journey for you. No matter whether you are booking for one or a group, our senior management tour scheduling will make sure that your journey meets your company's standards and results in a very lucrative and satisfying ROI.

From high-traffic corporate and MICE to educational tours, our service makes us your perfect travelling mate. Each and every customer is valued by us and we adapt our service to every single need. We even specialize in supporting tour operators with our white label brand service. We are a pioneering leader in designing your own personalised web site for tour delivery service, on our own data base, while being your hidden affiliate and supplying your website with all our tour related content and package, no matter what you need.

We are always available and go one better to offer you the best vacation deals, holidays and accommodation to make your OHA trip an unforgettable one! We have a wide range of customers, as we give top priority to ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

All purchasers can book by phone and in our customer service area. Inquiries for information, changes, confirmation and cancellation can be made by phone or online via our CustomerSupportCenter. An online portal that specializes exclusively in vehicle hire and enables its clients and vendors to increase sales is also available.

OHA has been specifically developed to give you the best possible travelling experience. Personalised after-sales service guarantees 100% client satifaction. Your needs are our top priority and our system is built to offer you just that. In our list you will find a large selection of tourist attractions and properties that can be booked with just a few mouse clicks. Just a few minutes away.

There is also a V.I.P. service, which allows us to make reservations at locations not listed in the list, as well as last-minute reservations. Upon reqest we also offer traveller and person insurances. We offer a broad spectrum of travelling options. Free to book, you can receive immediate confirmation without having to waste your precious email to get the best price and best uptime.

They have a particular advantage of our large allocation list to maintain last-minute availabilities, and even for rooms that may be out of stock in otherbases. Reservations can be made in families, four-bed rooms or any other kind of accommodation with full hotel-accessibility.

There is a group reservation facility that allows you to make reservations for groups of 10 or more at our preferential conditions. The" Specific Booking" feature will help you ask for transfers from the airports and sightseeing itineraries, as well as check and find your hotel's location at any location or hotel not included in the system â" providing you with an appropriate V.I.P. Catering.

Our system offers the possibility to imprint hotel coupons with your own logos and to access a few last-minute offers, special offers, renovation and more. At all times, you can check payments, printout coupons and access online reporting. If you are looking for an expert and trusted corporate traveller, OHA will be your best choice to meet these needs by organising your own rewarding and effective mobility missions!

Specialized in the organization and scheduling of incentives. Conceived for tour operators and representatives, our fare -based package tours form a global ecosystem and offer you the opportunity to make your travels as pleasant as possible with great benefits in your free time pursuits. A 24-hour online bookingservice, simple to use, provides specific packages for your Delegate, Travels and Global Reservations.

Sign up with OKA as our accredited business intelligence services provider and provide us with your events suggestions and contacts, and we'll get back to you with the best trip plan and idea tailored to your needs. At the same time, the mission of our company is to guide our customers through a journey of designing, organising and implementing the most exhilarating outings.

We can take your children to all parts of the globe, where they are sure to have an unforgettable educational outing. Understanding that traveling for college and college undergraduates around the globe offers young people the opportunity to explore new culture and adventure related to their schooling. One of the main features of our travel plans is the extensive consideration of your special needs.

Also we offer trip scheduling for those who want to attend leading conference, peaks, debates, and more! We are even available to those undergoing global exchange programs. Our distinguishing feature is our attention to detail, above all in order to offer the best for our coming generation. In addition to organizing and booking trips in hotel accommodation, we organize for our customers Spanish courses, detailed sightseeing and any other kind of information at the best possible prices.

This is the place to be if you run a tour operator and want to profit from online bookings and increase your turnover at the same time. OHA offers a tailor-made traveller reservation machine to meet your goals. OHAâ??s white label programme is an excellent way to launch your own online itinerary.

This website makes it easier for online bookings by tourist agencies in the world. Accurately meeting your requirements for flights, hotel and vacation bookings, we work with our customers to ensure your deal is a win. We provide every agency, hotel and hotel with its own website, supported by our high-efficiency airline, hotel and lump -sum reservation machine.

We take full responsiblity for creating your perfect website, working with you and ensuring that all your needs are catered for. They can customize your gateway to your company in detail. If you are our affiliate, your website can show all or all of our offered tour packages.

You will be able to keep up to date with all your site activity information that you can access on your site at any given moment. A number of advantages exist when using OHA's unique white label trademark. It can be set up so that it only shows your own shop and the OHA trademark does not have to appear on your e-mails, contact information and tolls.

Extend your existing traveller base to gain more clients. And, of course, there is a dedicated staff of competent account executives and executives available for your enterprise portals at low cost of develop.

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