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In December 2012 we used the Online Vacation Center for a transatlantic ferry from Rome to Ft Lauderdale. Packages include flight from Miami to Rome, 2 nights in Rome, transfer inclusive and luxury @$2200/person ferry. but we had a plane exchange in Philadelphia.

We payed for our own lodging from our house in Tn to Torstadt Miami in expectation of directly to Rome. Instead, we went to Philly to catch a plane.

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You want to visit the Greek islands? Wherever you want to go, Online Vacation Center can get you there for less money. South America, Antarctica, South Africa or the Mediterranean Sea, we will find a luxury yacht for you. With Online Vacation Center, you don't have to give up servicing to get a low cost.

With our committed Personal Holiday Manager staff, we take care of every facet of your cruising holiday, ensuring you an enjoyable and trouble-free one. Our Personal Holiday Manager will work with you to determine your cruising interests and preference and help you find the best cruising at the best prices.

To plan your next cruising holiday, call us today! The Online Holiday Center has been in the market for more than 41 years and offers unparalleled cruising opportunities for experienced travellers. Being one of the biggest travel agents in the UK, we are able to offer prices and extra features you won't find anywhere else.

He is the proprietor and Chairman and CEO of the Online Vacation Center. Mr. Brad became President and CEO of Certified Vacations, and most recently, he was CEO of Renaissance Cruises, where he increased shipping wealth from $60 million to over $1 billion.

Mr. Rudner established the Online Vacation Center, Inc. in October 2000 and is now one of the biggest travel agents in the United States.

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