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Sub orbital travel will make the world really, really feel small


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According to the company's latest annual financial reports, its analyst says that basically because 70 super-rich individuals (a total fortune of $220 billion) are interested in investment in suborbitant travel, it is a very realistic chance that travel seasons could be depleted in the years to come. Suborbitant means not only examining the opportunities to get from London to Sydney in about 2 1/2 hrs, but may also reach cheaper prime housing stores such as Sao Paolo or Cape Town in a similar period of the year.

Re-usable, airplane-like vessels are used to briefly penetrate a low earth orbit and revert to a terrestrial base via conventional landing, thus avoiding the loss of long distance flight times. Currently, the suborbital technologies under construction are focusing on bringing affluent tourism into outer-space, into research or a mixture of both - not on creating an alternatives to aviation.

Again, starting to open up spaceport (let's stop for a second, and note that we are now discussing several commercial spaceport, which is quite cool), it is possible that suborbital voyages could extend beyond a rapid leap into outerspace and could become an effective means of transport between two places.

It' probably still only available to those who have the cash to get it burned.... in the beginning. However, as the existing infrastructures are in place and the early research and development of suborbital travel is complete, there is a chance that fares will fall and travel time will become more available to more infrequent. Knight Frank is interested in how these fast trips to the continents also impact real estate values.

With this one of a kind for the billionaire, the real estate disturbance could be confined to a greater selection of lunchtime choices globally. However, if the cost goes down to allow the very rich to fly suborbitantly, any assumptions about actual house values have to be made.

Okay, maybe it takes a little longer for humans who are not "only very wealthy" to travel into orbit. But, as Bailey Quartz said, automobiles, airplanes and cruisers were also the provinces of the rich.

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