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Mac users head to Pricier Hotels on Orbitz

Sorry, your web browsers do not work with HTML5 videos, your browsers do not supports sound tags. Since Orbitz has discovered that Apple customers are spending up to 30% more per hotel per day, the web site starts showing them different and sometimes more expensive choices than Windows customers see. Since Orbitz Worldwide Inc. has discovered that travellers using Macs from Apple Inc. are spending up to 30% more per hotel per day, the company is beginning to show them different and sometimes more expensive ways to get around than Windows travelers.

Orbitz Endeavour, which is in its early states, shows how following people's on-line activity can use even apparently harmless information - in this case the fact that buyers visit Orbitz.com from a Mac to predict their tastes peculiar to their spends customs........

Orbitz-rawards Visa Cards - Managing your accounts

1 All qualified Orbitz reservations with the Orbitz Orbards Visa cards deserve 5% back in Orbbucks on the entire reservation fee, and all other Orbitz Orbitz Visa cards deserve 2% back in the same currency per issued US-Dollars. Members of Orbitz and OrbitzMobil make 3% back on qualified Orbitz.com and 5% back on qualified Orbitz PhoneApps.

Therefore, Orbitz Rewards members who use the Orbitz Rewards Visa cards for qualifying hotels will receive a 10% refund to Orbitz.com and 10% refund to the Orbitz Handy Application. Orybucks are paid in within two accounting rounds of time. Orbitz Rewards is offered by Orbitz, which is the sole company in charge of operating the game.

The Orbitz conditions of the programme are subject to alteration at any moment without prior notification. $1,500 for shopping must be made within the first 90 calendar days of opening the bankroll. APR of 28.74%, calculated on the prime rate. Deposit fee of $10 or 5% of the amount of the deposit.

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