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The Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia keep these secrets from you. Hints and hints - Is there a "hack" to find out the precise route of an Orbitz bargain trip? It may be assumed that Orbitz has some contractual conditions with some carriers to provide additional rebates in some cases, and does not want to inform customers about the "secret" reservation before the sale, to compel customers to shop at Orbitz, and to avoid that those who take charge of the carrier and the route take it.

They can use what they know to limit the options, and then review the load and rates posted to try to figure out the probable route. I would suggest to use ITA Software Matrices searching as a point of departure, as it is free and does a fairly good job, especially if there are not many options.

Most important disadvantage of this is that there is an inner timetout limitation, so if the scan has too many possible flight times, some of them will not be scan. If this is the case, since you know the precise data and the precise origin and destination airfields, the times of departures and a limitation on the number of stations, you can narrow down the number of options the grid requires for the query.

Here is a screenshot of the Matrix Round Trick lookup form: Enter the precise departures and arrivals code, the precise details of your flights, adjust the "stops" to the max. known to you (in your case "up to 1 stop") and deactivate "Allow changes to airport". "Matrices shows you the most cost-effective choices it can find within the internal timeframe that it allows.

Orbitz's most cost-effective solution, which finds the right match, is a competitor for what Orbitz has. I' d also use ExpertFlyer, although this is a free of charge free of charge probationary. I would first look in ExpertFlyer for the cheapest rates for the data that have been public. There are no tax or charges, so they are not directly similar, but you can check the cheapest rate you' ve found in the Orbitz and Orbitz.

Here is a screenshot of the ExpertFlyer homepage with the searching option. "Tariff information" is the penultimate: Here is a screenshot of the fare information request page. Make sure that the "Airline(s)" box is empty and "Confirm fares" is highlighted. You will see a pricelist of tariffs, with the lowest at the top.

In the Airlines group box, you see the name of the carrier. Validity date, expiry date, min/max stay and advance booking conditions columns show important information about the limitations of the rate. To view the fare regulations, click the third of the last row at the end or the second of the last row at the end to view the route limitations for the fare.

In the Fare section you can see the basic fare (excluding tax and charges). Wow has the lowest rate in this quest, a pure on-line purchase rate that is non-refundable: Click on the button "Show ticket availablility for...." at the top of the fare information to find the ticket number.

You can enter the carrier codes from the fare information in the Flight availability field to limit the query to this carrier. Unfortunately, you cannot limit the max number of stoppages in this quest, but ExpertFlyer will sort by the number of stoppages: The flight lists show you the number of departures, the performing carrier and the available stock.

The highest number of Orbitz fares in the lower stock (last displayed stock code) are the best contenders for the Orbitz fare, as they have the most places in the lower stock. ExpertFlyer can only show what is released in the Global Distribution Systems, which are used by almost alllines.

Some carriers do not take part (e.g. Southwest), so the rates and airfares of these carriers are not displayed. For this example, the lowest rates on Wow Air were the lowest, but the only available tickets showed two routes, while your Orbitz results showed zero or one route. In this case, you can repeat the results of the flight availability by either deleting the airline(s) to display the flight for all carriers or by entering the next most favorable carrier that you found in the fare information:

Most of the available seat reservations are still likely to be the best ranking list.

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