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Be it driving through the state by road or daring through the city, do yourself a favor and rent a car at the Big Orbit Gallery, Downtown Buffalo. I booked a rental car through Orbitz two days before the trip. Compare the details of multiple rental cars directly from your tray. I' m booking a rental car through orbitz. Orbitz (not the car rental company) is to blame.

Orbitz simplifies car rental fees with Orbitz ADVISORY

To help clients easily check car rental rates, Orbitz, the on-line journey site, has expanded its services to show the overall cost travellers can anticipate for a car rental on the first page of results, in additon to the viewing of monthly or monthly charges.

Orbitz now also displays obligatory tax and charges so that clients can see the overall amount that each business would calculate for a specific place and date without having to click further in the reservation procedure. It really is a reply to consumers' demand," said Sam Fulton, manager of car rental in Orbitz.

One Orbitz rival, Traveocity, first shows the results of the car rental with a per day or per week fee, but clients can re-sort the selection to see the overall fee for each business in a snap. The Expedia shows the results with a per day or per week fee; clients must click on each item to see the rates inclusive of tax and surcharges.

Any other changes Orbitz has made to its results are whether the rental is at the airfield or outside the area - as does Traveocity - and whether there is a free mileage cap. Orbit also highlights any limitations for renting clearly on the start page, such as a ban on out of state car travel, rather than require buyers to click a different link in order to view the guidelines.

While not all car rental firms that work with Orbitz show the full rental rate, Mr Fulton said that all of the company's main vendors do and that 94 per cent of Orbitz transactions are made with businesses such as Hertz, Avis and Alamo that promote this function.

Orbitz-car rental charges declared with many surprises include

That is the history of the Orbitz car rental charges I found during my last car rental at Toulouse railway terminal. I made a week-end excursion to France and for two nights I needed a car, so I chose Orbitz car rental. Earlier I looked on Argus Car Hubbard, Travelsupermarket.com, Hubbard and a wealth of other websites and they all quote between 120-250 for the two DAY!

And then I recalled a stunt I learnt at Orbitz a few years ago. The cheapest offer - but with surprises! √ĘThis is what I did and I found that Orbitz.com offered the same two day, same location and even the same rental firms at $18/day (excluding tolls & charges).

That' s a whopping £75 with charges, almost half the cost of what the other companies were selling. So, I did book it through Orbitz Car Rental, but the pricing on the following page was a complete surprise to me. Incidentally, I have many other car rental companies on this website, why not take a look?

The title page (below) shows $18/day - $96 in all. A layperson would pay $36 plus fees for two at $18/day. Now, if I take $36 off $96, it's evident that the cost adds up to an extortionary $60! I' ve tried to find an answer on the Orbitz website, but I fail pitifully.

So, I decided to click on "Reserve" in the hope that there would be an announcement on the next Orbitz.com site. Orbitz Hidden Car Rental Charges - Or Am I Blindfolded? I' ve hired a GAZION car and have been writing much of the car rental reports, but this one with Orbitz has totally confused me. Multiply $35. 82 by 2, added the tax and charges, and $2. 20 was up.

And then I multiplicated the taxes by two and then the car rental by two, but then it was more than $95.85. Thought, don't worry, I posted it at Orbitz because it was still much less expensive than the others, but I chose to call the Orbitz Customer Care Center to verify it.

When I called Orbitz, I was really amazed that an operative would pick me up within four and it was Memorial Weekend Monday! So, I went through each move and after 20 min she found the same installment on Orbitz.com. She couldn't tell the difference either!

Can' t believe someone who works for Orbitz Car Hire didn't get how the system works! She called the whole division, but not a soul in command knew the answers. I' d been on the telephone for 40 mins! Said she would call Europcar to verify what she was doing, but she still couldn't account for it.

So I called Orbitz back, angry until then! I' ve already been on the telephone for almost an hours with the former Orbitz Car Hire Agent and got no reply! So after 40 mins on the telephone, he stood me back up with his supervisor. Eventually the line manger said that although the front page says $18/day, I should just disregard it, because that's not really the prize!

So I wondered: "Why $18/day to promote when the end prize is totally different? So, not enough Orbitz car rental costs are concealed, but even the agent can't tell what these are! "So generally I had to be paying $60 in dues and boots and whatever else, but I was still none the smarter what those dues and boots were.

So I still had no idea why $18/day turned into $35,82/day? At least I found out that the $2.20 differential is Orbitz's reservation charge, which was not mentioned anywhere during the reservation procedure - so that's another one! So if you want to prevent a large sum of cash from being paid out in the event of an incident, please see my reviews of car rental surplus insurance.

I collected the car from the Toulouse train terminal and everything was allright. And the Europcar representative was very useful and told me that it was a public holiday in France this week-end, so Orbitz couldn't tell me why!

Oh, Orbitz had no clue that Europcar was charging this public holidays charge. So, generally, the car came in at $18/day, plus the $2. 20 Orbitz rental charge, tax and then on it the Bank Holidays Boot. However, Orbitz Car Hire still has a lot to do to make the tagline "No Surprises" right!

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