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Whilst other cruises and other types of trips are offered by other businesses, we concentrate solely on land outings. Drawing on this knowledge, we choose the highest qualitiy land tours, carried out by our clients by our own professionals in the most economical way. As we are not a large shipping line serving tens of thousand of customers per days, you can choose to fly with our package deals in much smaller groups, giving you a more personal holiday feeling.

There are a large number of one-of-a-kind cruises that cannot be bought by the liner company. You are invited to explore the various excursion possibilities or to get our individual counsel. Excursion Sizes: Cruise: Individual land trips allow you to go alone with your group and in many cases to arrange your land trips individually.

Groups of 4 or more can usually book a personal land trip for less than the price of a large ocean-trip. Small-group trips are usually between 2 and 20 persons in height and offer a more personal adventure than the big trips on offer from the big companies.

Usually, standard shore trips reach from 20-50 persons. The number of these trips is similar to that of luxury cruises. Whilst these daily trips are bigger, our emphasis on qualitiy stays very high. Cruises excursion types: The Scenic Shore excursion offers direct and individual visits to some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

Countryside cultural excursions allow you to get to know the traditions, legacy and taste of the area. Excursions to Active Shore offers a variety of thrilling and adventures. Water and seaside excursions give you the chance to explore the seaside, the beaches and marine activities. Culinaric land excursions allow you to taste the flavours of the area.

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