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Extremely fast and easy to navigate either desktop or app. You can, however, make this change on the Orbitz website. In order to update the email address of your Orbitz account: Go to the Orbitz Desktop website on your computer.

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The Orbitz Worldwide is a premier on-line tourism site active in more than 180 nations, with more than $11 billion in annual sales.

The Orbitz Worldwide is a premier on-line tourism site active in more than 180 nations, with more than $11 billion in annual sales. Previously, Orbitz engineers used a central source tree, but it was not scalable with the enterprise. Too sluggish for the beginning - distant crews had great delay in trying to make changes to the snippet.

"It took Jira and Bitbucket nice to be integrated, unbelievably straightforward and straightforward - it took them five literal mins. to integrate," says Holtz. Orbitz offers the same set of software development utilities, but in a different way. It will help the development teams to share a single codebase while integrating different configuration for each make.

By migrating to Git and Bitbucket, Orbitz has been able to save up to 2,500 working hour and hundred thousand dollar in comparison to the current versioncontrolsystem. Bitbucket's push queries and integrated verification capabilities have "improved the overall integrity of our verification process," says Holtz. Orbitz was able to detect errors early on, which resulted in "considerable cost -saving potential," Holtz added.

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