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It is the alternative to hipmunk if your travel data is flexible. It is these bargain hunters for whom a flexible airline ticket search is ideal. Orbitz is a travel agency, not a metasearch site.

There are 5 good ways to get started with Google Flight Search

Whilst Google has been experimented with flight search since 2011, the firm is now ready to get its processing performance up to what it says is a huge issue for travellers. "There' s about a trillion trips you could make from New York next year," said Kourosh Gharachorloo during a Tuesday website demonstration.

This is the kind of questions Google wants to answer: New Google Flights, released in February, have a base feature that allows people to enter locations and dates to search for flight choices. However, there are some additional and more interesting functions that make the latest release of the utility particularly convincing. This will not fully substitute local purchases - and this is still a good piece of good advise for the best fare - but these five new functions can simplify the search as well.

Google's flight search engine allows people to search in general geographical areas instead of certain towns or airfields. If there is an isle you can search for "Caribbean" or "Hawaii". Google will then display rates for a wide range of airfields and show the results on a single location chart. Orbitz and Expedia have either removed or restricted their flexible search capabilities.

However, with Google you can check rates over several month and customize your itinerary to find the best date. It is a great utility for those with a flexible approach who want to cut costs. Google will inform you if there is a less expensive flight to Fort Lauderdale, about 27 mile from Miami International.

Look for seating between Chicago and New York for a week-end getaway, and Google can suggest you leave a full working days early to save a significant amount on air fares. Googles has added save and release controls to its flight search, which are useful if you need to talk to your relatives or buddies before making a book.

However, it is an add-on that Google is hoping that the consumer will not make much use of it:

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