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The Orbitz For Business website has travel agencies offering southwest flights. South West Airlines draws flight information to Hinder Orbitz SOUTHEST AG Co. last weekend launched another volley in its fight with Orbitz LLC by retracting its flight details from Lufthansa Group. ATPCO, a provider of flight and rate information to tour operators, tour operators and websites, as well as Orbitz. "We' re doing this to give a clear signal that Southwest does not want to be associated with Orbitz, a website that we believe excludes consumers' choices through their exclusivity contracts with the carrier that supports them.

It', said a spokesperson for the Dallas-based commercial carrier. Agencies and web tour operators, and Orbitz, Chicago-based Orbitz, use Dulles, Va. type ATPCO to obtain flight and rate information, but do not make bookings. As of now, the only worldwide sales system that will release route and tariffs in the Southwest will be operated by Fort Worth, Texas-based Sabre Holdings Corp.

an Orbitz competitor, said the Southwestern spokesperson. However, Southwest does not open its own system of booking services for anyone, she added, so travellers who want to book on-line must go to the Southwest website. An Orbitz on-line airline spokesperson, designed by the five major US carriers, said Southwest's choice would harm people.

"were not the only ones to receive fare through ATPCO. Unsabre GDSs received their tariffs "over the Internet" and then directed clients to fly directly with southwest, Orbitz spokesperson Carol Jouzaitis said. "Southwest' choice will eventually hurt the consumer. It' s going to be harder now to benchmark rates against other airlines," she said.

Southwest is known for going its own way, but this step is somewhat odd and can damage the company's reputation with its clients, said Henry Harteveldt, analysts at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass. "The whole thing between Southwest and Orbitz is becoming a sacred battle between the two companies," said Harteveldt.

"Now Southwest has chosen to collect his tickets and go home. That'?s how Southwest took his bullet in the leg. "In May, Southwest brought an action against Orbitz claiming that the flight finder gave the carriers that assist it a preferred position in the results and published cumbersome flight schedules for the Southwest compared to other carriers.

The Orbitz project is funded by Delta Air Lines Inc. Continental Airlines Inc. Northwest Airlines Inc. United Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines Inc. and is backed by 450 other American and foreign airlines. Jouzaitis said Orbitz was offering to meet with Southwest to find out how the airline's flight was to be reported, but Southwest declined.

Southwest has not made any payments to Orbitz for the publication of its flight information. Yet, Southwest is scheduled at the promotion of its flight information on its own site, which made up 36% of all its books in the first quarter, the Southwest speaker said. Southwest is not very dependent on agencies for reservations, she also said.

Thusuthwest has some justified grievances about the flight and rates on Orbitz, Harteveldt said, quoting the fact that some Southwest rates were not as high-profile as those of the Orbitz attendees. Harteveldt said, however, that South West is also worried that clients will get lower rates from other carriers, which could affect the low-fare reputation of South West.

"â??We assume that part of Southwest's exit is that they do not want the consumers to recognize that the Kaiser has no clothes,â? he said. which operates one of the world' s premier online tour operators and is an Orbitz rival. However, due to accounting issues, Southwest rates are no longer posted on Travelocity's website.

The Southwest speaker said that sometimes Southwest could not confirm a flight that had been approved by it. Traveller arriving at a gateway with acknowledgment of destination may not have been on the flight in Southwest's system. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, the website was very successfully developed in a more favorable way for Orbitz.

Started at the beginning of last month, Orbitz 2. 07 million one-of-a-kind, at-home visitor during its first monthly, drew an increase of 1. 9 million over the number of one-of-a-kind, at-home subscribers who visited in May, the last month one of its betatest. That is the highest growth in traffic since Milpitas, California-based NetRatings Inc. began tracking Internet trafficking in 1999, said NetRatings speaker Jennifer Fan.

Orbitz's start was overshadowed by disagreements with Southwest. Orbitz anti-trust inquiry begins. U.S. Department of Transportation refused to freeze Orbitz and says that it is not anti-competitive until it does something anti-competitive. Orbitz is sued by Southwest Airlines for alleged false flight and tariff information. The Orbitz location is opened formally.

Thusuthwest obtains its flight and tariff information from ATPCO and thus from Orbitz.

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