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Orbitz is experiencing failures and problems in real time. The Orbitz is a travel website where you can book hotels, flights and retail cars. You can book directly through Orbitz. and American Airlines is withdrawing its flights from Orbitz.

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Straight back from a journey to Israel and used Orbitz for the first time - BUT, it will be the last. At first the route was a little confusing: Ok, no problems had an 8-hour stay in Frankfurt, so I hired a vehicle and went to Heidelberg for noon. I came to Tel Aviv and no luggage - not really Orbitz's issue, but not sure how the route might have influenced it.

  • Take the plane back when things are going badly. Originally the course was TLV-Düsseldorf (with 17 hours downtime)-Chicago-Seattle. However, when Lufthansa amended its timetable, Orbitz reserved a new route: So I phoned and tried to get them to realize that this was getting silly, but they wanted to bill us $300 each to switch to a better layout.

Couldn't register on-line, so went to the airfield just to find that Orbitz had somehow screwed up our ticket system in all the changes - no legitimate ones. Attempted to call Orbitz (at $0.20 a min, but lucky. The Lufthansa sighing after an hours and entering us into the system by hand to take us to Düsseldorf.

Do you want to make savings with Orbitz? maybe, but it's not profitable.

Orbitz and Etihad make unwelcome changes to misflights

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