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You can login at www.egencia.com and click on "Login" at the top right of the page. Orbitz announces Travel Services for business migration to Egencia. Register with Egencia to book your business trip.

Travelling Services

Egencia and how you can benefit! Egencia uses the iconic look and functionality of its affiliate Expedia.com with business travellers in mind. Business-traveller tools: Save your airline numbers and your preferred trips, organize your trips via your work schedule, use idle seats or schedule a group tour with other people.

Egencia® TripNavigator optimizes your business trips. Security on the go information: Your tour guide can inform you of possible problems or localize you in an incident. Watch this brief movie to find out more about the advantages of using Egencia to book business trips.

The acquisition of TBiz by BCD is a continuation of the convergence of full-service and online TMC canals.

By acquiring TBiz, BCD Traveller has taken over Travellerocity Business from its mother airline Travellerocity. Journeyocity is a division of Sabre Holding. We at Christopherson Business Travels are particularly interested in this, as we are a subsidiary of BCD Trave. With this deal, the decades-long trends of on-line tourist agents and full-services tour operators are coming to an end.

It all began in 2002 when Expedia purchased the Metropolitan Traveller business office. One interesting side remark to the history is that World Travel Partners, the previous BCD Traveller, was Expedia's initial compliance with it. The Orbitz Group followed the converging tendency with the introduction of Orbitz for Business in 2002, followed by Travelocity and the introduction of Tbiz in 2003.

In 2004, Expedia acquired Paris-based Egencia and finally renamed its whole business entity Egencia. At the same timeframe, full-service business tour operators converged in the opposite directions, quickly reselling and deploying business reservation solutions on line. In the last ten years, the acceptance rate of on-line acceptance of a TMC has skyrocketed.

Incorporating Outtask's web based accounting solution CLIQBOK into its expenses reporting solution, Concur broadened the convergent movement. Now we can say that efficient TMCs require all TMC attendees to provide and use the full range of on-line reservation utilities as well as the high touches agency and accountmanagement capabilities of TMC'ncustomers.

Also Christopherson is taking part in the converging tendency with increasing acceptance levels for on-line reservations. Whilst our overall flight transaction volume grew by 17% in 2012 compared to 2011, our on-line reservations rose significantly more strongly in 2012 to 78%!

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