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The nightmare that tries to reverse an Orbitz travel booking.

I was in the middle of a group tour last months with tariffs and premium reservations. This was quite a challenge, but what really did help was the possibility of putting tariffs on ice via Orbitz while the premium reservations were being made. The Orbitz has a 24-hour withdrawal arrangement for tour reservations.

Because of their problems I could not reverse the tickets and there was chaos. When you are considering booking a trip with Orbitz that you may want to reverse, you will want to continue reading. If you can buy directly from the carrier, why buy through Orbitz? Thankfully, I found myself with some of the best rates in the world. In my case, I found some of the rates on Orbitz for about $2,000 that sold for twice that amount on the airline's website.

The attempt to use AA.com's search function to copy the itinerary didn't work out. There was no other option but to buy/keep the tickets through Orbitz. Orbitz provides credit for booking through the website. Even the time for cancelling a reservation for a trip that was made around 5 pm was 11:59 pm the next morning, which gave me more than 24 hrs time to make a decision.

Next morning I found a better plane, so I tried to call this plane off at 10:30. I' ve got an errormessage telling me to call Orbitz support. It was Expedia's support management when I phoned the number. I was put on an unbearably long wait by the operatives before they forwarded me and dropped the call.

Eventually I came to an operative who said there was nothing he could do for me because Orbitz's support centre was up. But he would make a cancelation inquiry at "corporate" and I should come back in an h. They only replied the next day and I tried to contact Orbitz via Twitter.

Obviously, they also have restricted after sales time. I got a note that Orbitz provides 24-hour telephone assistance, which is a total fraud, because when I phoned their number, I got a notice that they were shut down. I was even briefed by the Expedia representative about the closure of the Orbitz Client Services Centre at 6pm (PT).

This was followed by a 4-hour wait to get someone on the line to be able to postpone a cancelled reservation after the time limit had expired. They tried to charge me an annulment fee at one point, but I didn't. They were very clear that it was their doing that I could not book my reservation on-line before the expiration of the period and then had no other possibility to do this by telephone.

I then made the error of cancelling another reservation - well before the end of the cancelation period (but after the closure of Orbitz support )....and it just happens again! As the Orbitz support team was tormented again, I phoned American Express to take charge of it, and they did.

I would like to take the lessons from you is that if you need to make a booking and cancelling a trip through Orbitz, do so before the Client Services Centre shuts down at 6pm (PT). Your web cancelation platform is synchronized with the opening times of your CSC. So, if you try to stop after 6am, you will be directed to call Expedia Support.

However, Expedia account managers cannot reverse your reservation even though they are connected to Orbitz. So, don't worry about headaches and not only quit in time before the 24-hour cancelation period expires, but also before the Orbitz Call Centre is closed at 6pm (PT). Did you have a similar experiance cancelling your reservation on Orbitz?

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