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Some good promo codes can be found at http://www.vegas-travel-deals.net/forum/. Hotels and hotel offers, discounts and special offers. Big prizes at the Treasure Island Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.


Orbit' travel website may have been hijacked

Orbitz says that an old online reservation system may have been compromised, possibly revealing the identity of persons who made transactions between January 1, 2016 and December 22, 2017. On Tuesday, the firm said that about 880,000 debit and credit cards were affected. Orbice said dates that were likely expose include name, credit or debit card information, date of birthday, telephone number, e-mail addresses, postal and/or invoice addresses, and sex.

It said that an assailant may have access to information held on this consumers and partners trading platforms between October 1, 2017 and December 22, 2017. Orbitz.com's recent website was not part of the case. For one year Orbitz offers a free loan surveillance and identification security services in the country where this is possible.

With " Mobile Steals " Orbitz is entering the hospitality industry.

The Orbitz Group launches Orbitz "Mobile Steals", excluding up to 50% off travel rates on all Orbitz properties around the world. The Orbitz " Orbitz Steals " are available on all portable services, as 65% of Orbitz bookings are made via portable services for the same date. Today Orbitz introduced a quicker and more efficient website that makes it easier for travellers to find and reserve rooms, air travel and rental cars from any Internet-enabled cell telephone.

In addition, the updated website allows clients to purchase holiday packs, which is unparalleled for the Orbitz.com and Orbitz World Wide brand. Today Orbitz has also brought Orbitz " Mobility Steals " on the market, excluding mobiles up to 50% off hotel rates world-wide. The Orbitz " Orbitz Steals " are available through all major wireless networks, featuring the enhanced wireless website and the latest version of the Orbitz iPad, iPhone and Android series.

Orbitz's redesigned website offers clients an easy-to-use searching and publishing environment that has been built from the bottom up for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7. The main characteristics of the redesigned website include: "Orbitz's redesigned wireless website offers breakthrough capabilities that have been developed from the bottom up for wireless Internet-enabled equipment, which includes innovative gesture control and the option to use your phone to look for and reserve holiday packages," said Chris Orton, Orbitz.com CEO.

"Sixty-five percent of Orbitz hotels booked through wireless networks are for the same date, compared to 14 percent for bookings made through a conventional desk top web interface. The new Orbitz Mobil Steals programme enables us to provide highly reduced cell phone tariffs that are only available to hotels via the mobiles to fill rooms that are not sold.

The Orbitz Website and the Orbitz applications for iPad, iPhone and Android make Orbitz "Mobile Steals" available to the consumer. Travellers can now make calls to over 50 destinations around the globe, from New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Honolulu, San Diego, Tampa and Washington DC inland to London, Paris and Dublin abroad.

In order to take advantage of these specific cost saving options available only for cell phones, please either update your Orbitz iPad, iPhone and Android applications or go to the m. orbitz.com website and look for a specific promotional text when performing a real estate ad find. The Orbitz Portable product offers the same value that clients are expecting when they book on Orbitz.com, including:

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