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Orbits knock mobile for immediate reward when travelling Orbitz.com plays an important part in its customers' travel, which goes beyond just book a plane or airport and mobile customer retention plays a key part in realizing this mission. Orbitz offers a new Orbitz reward programme that allows consumers to receive higher bonuses for their mobile app reservations than for other channel reservations.

Fully embedded in Google Wallet Account Loan for Android and iOS, it offers unrivaled capabilities such as the option to display hotel results in your results with premiums already used. "We' re really looking at the combination of mobile and allegiance and are doing something truly special for mobile users," said Chris Brown, Group VP of Mobile at Orbitz, Chicago.

"We' re really looking for ways to get into the real world by cell phone and use allegiance as a means of interacting with that world during a journey," he said. At present, Orbitz sees 30 per cent of hospitality reservations via mobile terminals and assumes that up to 50 per cent of reservations could be made via mobile phones by next year.

As travellers grow rapidly in the way travellers go mobile to schedule a voyage and assist them throughout their voyage, Orbitz has over the last two years developed a retention programme that would help the business involve its clients in its voyage operations in a larger way. Betatesting for the programme began six month ago and the software was launched on 17 October.

"If we look at where our strategy is with worthwhile clients as well as with the mobile phone, how can we find ways to make a mobile phone fidelity programme the best," said Mr Brown. "We' ve been considering ways to do this with mobile phones," he said. The new Zap that Bag Fairy is one of the ways Orbitz uses the fidelity programme to improve its relationships with mobile travellers throughout the trip. It allows app members to click on a picture of their check-in luggage and submit it to Orbitz to make $25 in bonuses by November 30th.

As the awards can be used immediately, the user can use them for a tour in a particular city. Orbuck Orbitz and Orbitz Reward members make money by purchasing Orbitz.com mobile applications or websites that can be used immediately for a holiday in a city. Orbitz members make 5% when they book through the Orbitz iPhone, iPad and Android applications or 3% through all other bookings channel.

Member can also make 1 per cent on individual travel and holiday package deals. Because Orbitz is less expensive to win clients who are downloading an app and keep coming back to the app, the organization passes some of the cost saving on to its apps. Awards are included in the results of your site research so that the user can see how much a property with deserved orbucks will cost and how much it will cost without.

"The majority of global players in the hotel and restaurant industry provide their clients with retention programs," said Scott Robinson, Maritz Corporation's director of loyal solutions and consultancy. "Considering that the benefits and rewards are very similar from application to application, the mobile phone expertise in the case of Orbitz is an excellent way to reach customers," he said.

The Orbitz Awards offer further benefits and incentive for clients who book through the brand's mobile applications. In order to help the members get started, they will receive an aditional 1 per cent on Orbitz Mobile Applications until 22 November. Further add-on benefits during this time are $10 on top of the price of an orbuck ticket and an aditional 15% discount on the price of the hotels.

Additional benefits are the possibility to pile promotional code and merge deals on Orbukes, collect frequentmiles and cardholder points and make $25 for referral to a mate. The Star and SuperStar member levels are also available to members, offering additional discounts on the number of overnight stays in a luxury Orbitz rented orbit.

It will coincide with a comprehensive revision of the Orbitz Mobile App for Android. Orbitz has added Google Instant Buy as a billing method to its Android app on Android. In the future, Orbitz is planning to use PayPal as a method of paying and to incorporate the Android app into Google Plus.

"We wanted to improve the journey they are currently booking," said Mr Brown. "This is important for the general loyality programme. "Many of the mobile travellers book their hotel on the road, and we want to be able to use that," he said.

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