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He' booked his itinerary through Orbitz. We work directly with airlines to help you quickly find the type of flight you need. Does your family's deaths justify the reimbursement of travelling expenses?

on December 24th with LAN Airlines. He' ve arranged his route through Orbitz. When he phoned Orbitz Technical Support, he was informed that he could only make one more plane to Argentina at a later date. At the end of the burial, we approached Orbitz again to request a reimbursement.

In accordance with your orders, we have sent the letter of confirmation and related information by fax to the reimbursement team. They also approached American Express about the charges, but after about six short days they approached him and said there was nothing they could do. I got my kid to spend $2,110 on his tickets. Narayananan was right to worry for month without a single mention from the LAN or Orbitz.

This was a symptom that something went awry with her son's reimbursement, especially since the LAN website indicates that the reimbursements are usually processed within 20 working day of the request. The majority of airline companies allow reimbursement of fares, even for non-refundable fares, when an immediate member of the immediate relatives die, although a few companies are refusing to provide them.

In such cases LAN will provide full reimbursement. Travellers are usually required to present a birth receipt - a request that sometimes insults survivors, but unfortunately it is necessary to provide documentary evidence to handle reimbursements. While some will be issuing coupons in the near term with no exchange fee, others will make reimbursements on major payment methods.

If an Orbitz client is cancelling a journey because of a member's deaths, the Orbitz client first looks at the documents to make sure that the client has provided all the necessary information, said Orbitz agent Marita Hudson Thomas. He or she then hands over the passenger's documents to the carrier, which will reimburse the air traveller directly when the application is accepted.

"There are different times to get and handle a reimbursement - some carriers act quicker than others. "Orbitz notes show that Narayananan Orbitz called on December 31 to find out how to request a reimbursement of his tickets. He sent Orbitz a fax with his tickets, a copy of his grandfather's deathbed and a cover note from the undertakers, who listed him as his immediate relatives and confirmed his being there.

Orbitz in turn passed the documentations on to the LAN, says Thomas. Theoretically, the LAN reimbursement should have been booked on Narayanan's bank account soon after. Narayanan's appeal was sent to Orbitz, who reacted with the strange message that American Express had reimbursed the full amount in January. Narayananan persisted that such a reimbursement had never been made.

I' ve asked American Express and Orbitz to find out where Narayanan's $2110 went. It turned out that the participation of both parties brought LAN's reimbursement processes to a standstill. Narayanan's uncomplicated claim for reimbursement via Orbitz was suppressed by a simultaneous but completely separated claim for reimbursement via American Express.

Narayananan phoned American Express during his home crises and the re-occupation of the trip on December 24 to challenge the fees for his Argentine ticket, claiming that Orbitz had first said he could not get a reimbursement. The American Express then approached LAN as part of its default litigation method. As LAN replied that the ticket was non-refundable, American Express notified Narayanan that its case was rejected.

"He denied the charges and tried to claim a reimbursement, hence the mess, as these are two different applications and lawsuits," says American Express agent Desiree Fish. His American Express fight was not only not cancelled for Narayananan, but also to prevent a situation in which "the client could be reimbursed twice," Thomas said.

"Repayment will stop as soon as a client denies the debit because the payment processing provider is implicated in this point," says Thomas. This is a catch-22 for users who cannot always allow themselves to await a possibly sluggish reimbursement proces. Fair Payment Act (FCBA) provides consumer protection against invoice error, goods and service not supplied as per agreement and lack of dealer loans.

FCBA requires you to submit written dispute with your cardholder within 60 working nights of the settlement date on which the debit first occurred. Lengthy reimbursement handling delay can also destroy your FCBA privileges. Narayanan's $2110 reimbursement was not handled as it should have been in January, American Express and Orbitz quickly confirmed.

All of the funds were then transferred to his American Express bankroll. Find out what reimbursement is needed if you need to terminate a trip when a member of your loved one deaths. Airline companies have special regulations which require documentation; normally such reimbursements are restricted to immediate members of the immediate families, although some may also apply to travel mates.

When you are eligible for a reimbursement, first comply with the airlines' or agencies' default practices. But if you violate the FCBA time limit, you may need to contact your payment processing provider to help secure your privileges. Sign up periodically to make sure that all necessary documents have been submitted and reviewed, and then to find out the state of your reimbursement and when you can count on a reimbursement.

You would think that a reimbursement would be easy, but it is not always an easy procedure, especially if you are doing it with a reservation page, an air carrier and a payment service provider.

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