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Finally, Orbitz can begin to test whether Mac users have identifiable preferences for car rentals and flight bookings. COOBITZ flights changed....

.... don't even try - Air Travel Forum

There seems to be no way to modify flights on Orbitz. I' ve had two flights, both six of them. I' m not even mentioning the exchange charges, it's the wait on the telephone that's deadly. Online modification seems unfeasible and you will wait at least 20 mins on the telephone while "they" are desperate to make a mod.

It' s a total puzzle why an airlines can make an appointment switch with 2 klicks and Orbitz needs 10 min. for each section of the journey.... guess DON "T CALL THEM EVER! Almost everyone here is booking directly with the carrier, why put something between you and the carrier?

They usually find the same rate on Orbitz as the real carrier, so there is no theat all. When you think that modifying a ride is a heartache, try to solve any issues when Orbitz is the one going between. If you want to profit from "Airline can modify a date with 2 clicks", you will have to make your reservation directly with the airlines in the new year.

Twenty and a half hours on the telephone to switch flights and that's "killing"? You sound like you're getting along. 20 mins!! When 20 mins of your days is'killing', how valuable is your work? It often feels like I have to sit around longer to get things done on the telephone.

Must match the others, ten minutes one compartment is going quite well, I know you think an airlines does it much faster, but in fact it's not a big change if that's all it took, maybe be patient the response, 20 minutes is really not a big thing in this script.

Wish I'd never waited more than 20 mins with the carriers. This means you can't make a difference, so don't try. I' ve been slightly on hold a half hr for what you would think are simple things and that's directly with the line. if folks are learning you through a third party only for convenience and lower cost booking. all changes and further dealings need to be done with the real line.

I' ve never used Orbitz many a time a issue, as I never speak to them after I've bought card.

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