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Orbits says opponents group up The Orbitz claims that an "alliance" of corporations faithful to the competing Sabre Group has it for the on-line tourism agency." This began when Orbitz clients were recently turned away at Vanguard Airlines airfield who said the travellers were keeping illegal seats. Orbitz clients claimed they had purchased the ticket from Orbitz, but Vanguard turned them down and said Orbitz had supplied them with the wrong price.

This was followed by a PR debate and in a press communiqué last weeks, Vanguard encourages clients to make their bookings with non-Orbitz itineraries. Orbitz, a Chicago-based organization, denied that he was the one who wanted to put the on-line tourist office at a loss on account of Sabre, a major Orbitz reviewer and a business that runs one of the biggest computerized booking system for itineraries.

He accused the company of joining "a confederacy of political groups that have formed to defend Sabre's interests" when Vanguard, a Kansas City-based company, commissioned Sabre to make bookings in April last year. "When Vanguard made a declaration on Thursday, he said it was "amazed" by Orbitz's claim. There are also some psychiatrists who say they are critical of Orbitz's indictment.

"To say for Orbitz that there is a confederation is one of the strangest things I've been hearing in this business in my 20 years," said Henry Hartveldt, a lead research group of Forrester Research. "Orbitz are walking a long way towards underlining how hot the battle for governance of on-line travelling is, one of the few Industries that do well on the web.

Opponents in the shop are after the $14 billion in air prices anticipated to be purchased on-line this year, according to PhoCusWright, a Travel Research Group. Since Orbitz was introduced, the only thing that has increased is the intensification of the competitive environment. Supported by five of the best companies in the country, among them American Air Lines, Continental Lines and Delta Air Lines, Orbitz has attracted a lot of attention for its cosy relationships with the biglines.

Orbitz is also under investigation by the Ministry of Justice for possible cartel infringements. Southwest Airlines got their information from the clearing house supplying Orbitz last months. Forth Worth, Texas - Founded Sabre also owns web travel agency Travelocity.com, a major competitor Orbitz. Terrell Jones, Travelocity's CEO, was among the first to bring Orbitz down and demand a review of the business by the state.

Any wonder Orbitz feels a little bit chased? In addition to intensive consideration, Orbitz has come to terms with the soreness of introducing a new and - according to company information, the web traffic-popular website. Orbitz saw a broken fibre glass line blocking the site for three and a half hour on the start time.

Mr Vanguard said Orbitz's new technologies were probably the cause of the price mismatch. Almost immediately after its start in June, the airlines saw a problem with the tickets from Orbitz. According to Vanguard, the situation has worsened in recent months. Vanguard, a small air company flying to 15 US towns, set the PR debate on fire after finding out that Orbitz was in charge of the problem with the tickets.

A spokesperson for the avant-garde, Alan Carr, denies that the Orbitz carrier wanted to put embarrassment or that it is in contact with Sabre. "and we wanted to keep our clients safe. We had no problem with the other tour operators.

On the basis of our testing, we are optimistic that it is at the end of Orbitz. "Orbitz used the same point to defend his technologies. "Vanguard has not notified us of any problems with our system."

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