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Orbice Reservation Number

I received a hotel confirmation number in Orbitz's e-mail. People come to the website to make reservations for cars, packages, hotels and more. Orbitz reservation number? The DIS Disney Discussion Groups you can also make your own Magical Express, call to get your reservation at Discoy, until the inquiries..

..... They had to call her directly, and they gave her the number orally, then she phoned D izney to verify and everything was fine! Because of how quickly my journey was scheduled (I found out I was going to Orlando on 2/26 and am coming on 3/11!), it was actually $87 Cheaper to go to Orbitz...which is well almost $100, and on a graduate students account, even $10 savings are cold, you know?

I' ve posted my booking by phoning Disney directly, and have the Disney acknowledgement that they see my information, but they can't give me my reservation number? Orbice didn't give me a Disney number, and the Orbitz gal on the telephone was baffled when I said that my Hotelbestätigungsnummer, which they already gave me, was not a Disney number.

Well, I don't need a Disney #..... All I wanted to do was connect my reservation to my bank details on-line. DME has my information, so I'm not going to hitchhike a trip Monday!

Verification Link Orbitz Hotel with Disney Account? - DISNYLAND / Hotels and Accommodation

I am unable to call Disney whenever I think about this and for some strange reasons their on-line chats are seldom available during the stated business hours. However, I am not able to call Disney. The reservation must be linked to your PDC bank details using the Disney verification number given to you by Orbitz.

This number may take a few working nights to get into the Disney system, but if it is still not displayed when you try to connect it, call Orbitz service. I' ve scoured Orbitz's e-mail, but I don't see a Disney number. You have a six character alphanumeric number and an Orbitz reservation number that begins with "PBORB-" and then has 10-digit number.

Also, I can't find anything on the Disneyland website that allows me to associate the reservation with my bankroll. Has Disneyland MDE? It only took me a few mikes to call Disney. You said that there was no way to connect my Orbitz reservation to my Disney bank details, but that you could verify that you have me for the room.

I' d posted it five nights ago and asked if I should give him a few more nights to show up, and I was asked to give him a few more wards. Anyone know if that's natural when he books through Orbitz? Did forget you said Disneyland, not Disney World - You can look at DL bookings when you subscribe in disneyland.com with your Disney accounts, but I don't think they join like WDW bookings.

The DL reservation number should have 8 characters, so it does not ring like the hospitality verification number given to you - call Orbitz and see what they have to say. I' ve been calling Orbitz. They, in turn, phoned the D.H. directly. You said the D.H. had me down for the room and they provided me with a 12-digit verification number they said Disney gave them.

Perhaps that would be correct, since I have not booked a holiday packet and it is a reservation of a room in a city. WDW has 12-digit ADR verification numbers, so this may be considered similar. Still unavailable, I sent an email via Disneyland.com with the verification number to make sure everything is fine.

There is no need to combine anything for SDL. You do not have an MDC or FPP, so there is no need to establish a connection. I' ve posted Orbitz DPH and PP, no problems.

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